Create an App for Petcare Business in NYC Post Covid Days

19 February, 2021

Create an App for Petcare Business in NYC Post Covid Days

Humans are social beings that love to be surrounded by companions. They are always on the lookout for a friend that makes them feel right at home. And so, without a doubt when the world came to a standstill during the pandemic and human interaction reduced, our pets at home came to our rescue and yet again became our best friends.  Staying at home with pets made people around the world realize that pets equally require a safe and sound environment that takes care of them from time-time. This can include vet visits, grooming sessions, training programs, etc. This is when customers started looking for a pet care app that met all these needs at home without having to expose their pets to harmful substances outside, post covid.  Companies all around the world started creating apps with the help of up-to-date technology that catered to customers and their pets as and when required. The pet care app business saw a boom during this period when customers started preferring online services for their pets as well. Dogvacay, Whistle, etc. are some popular pet care apps in the market. 

Therefore, here are a few things app developers must remember while creating a pet care business app that can be used during post covid days:

  • The category of the pet care app: The first step to create an app for pets is to decide on what will be the specific category of the app. The various categories are veterinary services, pet walking, or pet sitting services, meal plan services, monthly subscription services, and various toys and training services. The app developer can decide this category after thorough research of trends and needs in the marketplace. The app should ensure that it caters to all kinds of pets i.e. cats, dogs, hamsters, etc. in order to build its reach easily. 
  • Features and functions in the app: To create an app for various pets in the market, companies should ensure that the app is user-friendly for the pet owner and that the following features are a part of the application: (a) Creating a personalized pet profile- This is a crucial feature in any application as this helps the owners create a profile for their pets that mention the breed, height, and weight of the pets. This allows the app to suggest services that are beneficial for pets. (b) Medical history- It is crucial that the app keeps a record of the pet's medical history so that first aid and veterinary services can be provided accordingly. (c)Various other features such as location tracking, history, and preferences, notifications, chat with specialized trainers and vets will enhance the overall experience of using the app. 

And so, here is an example/outline of an app for pet care business during post covid days: Pets @ home: This app falls under the category of monthly subscription services. This subscription service caters to each and every kind of pet i.e. from dogs to birds. This service requires the pet owners to pay a monthly or yearly fee to subscribe to this service.  This service delivers at the doorstep a personalized pet box at the beginning of every month according to the health, weight, breed, and height of the pet. The box contains food, toys, and training, medicines, and health tips from professional trainers and vets that the pets can follow and enjoy throughout the month. This makes it easier for the pet owners to pamper their pets and gives the pet something quite interesting to look forward to every month. The box content changes every month according to the seasons and health requirements of the pet.  The pet owners should create a profile on the pets@home app and subscribe to the silver, gold, or premium services according to their needs and fill in their pet’s details. The owner will be reminded before the delivery and also they can customize their box as and when required. This app will also allow owners to track their pet's health and progress throughout the year and suggest a box according to this.

In conclusion, we can understand that to create an app for the petcare business, companies have to look into multiple areas. App developers should ensure that the app allows pet owners to take care of their pets to the maximum without any hassle and risks. 

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