Developing an App like Fitbit for Fitness Business in New Jersey

29 April, 2021

Developing an App like Fitbit for Fitness Business in New Jersey

The fitness industry has steadily been adopting a digital approach to its business, and we are seeing companies investing heavily into mobile apps. This has been the state of affairs for quite some time now. However, the popularity of fitness only seems to be going up. The people swarming to get a fitness app up and running for their business include startups and fitness businesses like gyms, yoga studios, and health clubs. This demand for developing an app from various companies in the fitness industry has caused the rapid growth of the fitness app market globally.

Now, if we were to speak numbers, the global fitness app market is forecasted to reach an annual growth rate of 23.5%. This means that the $2.92 billion fitness app market in 2019 is projected to reach a whopping $14.64 billion in 2027! Given the tough couple of years that we have had with the pandemic wreaking havoc on any businesses, everyone put their faith in online mediums, especially mobile apps, to meet the demands. 

The fitness industry was hit hard by the pandemic, and the smart businesses chose to overcome this challenge by developing a Fitbit-like fitness app and adapt to the changing time and needs of the people. This article discusses how you can develop an app like Fitbit for your fitness business. We take you the steps involved in developing a fitness app in New Jersey that can succeed in the highly competitive market and generate high revenue for your business.

Sign Up 

The sign-up feature is essential for almost all mobile apps, including your Fitbit-like fitness app, as it allows you to identify the users and store their personal data. Furthermore, if you already have a CRM system in place, then you can easily transfer its data into the app. This also plays an important role in getting to know your clients better and can be particularly useful for gym apps to personalize the training required for each unique client. There are two ways to implement the sign-up feature on your fitness app, one is open to everyone, and all they need is a mobile number and password. The second type is a member-only sign-in often seen on dedicated apps for gyms.


With a fitness app, your clients can easily schedule or book their classes. This can also have an option that lets you choose between group and personal training. This makes booking much more convenient for your clients and allows you to avoid any unnecessary confusion in your studio or gym schedule. Furthermore, you can also streamline the process by introducing a form the client needs to fill in to provide them with the best service in an orderly fashion.

Online Workouts 

One of the best things about mobile fitness apps is that they let you workout from the comfort of your home. To those of them who have had time going to the gym simply because they are shy, fitness apps are in some way a savior. There are various methods through which fitness apps facilitate workout from home, and the most popular ones include online pre-recorded workouts via multimedia content and live streaming of fitness classes or training sections. You can even use audio coaching as part of this.


Fitness apps allow for a touch-free check-in which is exceptionally relevant under the current circumstance. This minimizes unnecessary face-to-face interactions and also streamlines the check-in process.

Gym Location & Details

You can implement a gym location and detail feature that would allow the user to navigate to your fitness studio or gym easily. This can be especially helpful if you run two or more fitness institutions or have a chain of fitness gyms.

Additional Features You Must Consider

Apart from the major features listed above, you must also optimize your fitness app with extra features to provide a convenient user experience on the mobile app. This includes implementing features like fitness assessment and tracking, loyalty programs, and even push notifications. Furthermore, you can also implement a blog section in your fitness app that educates your users on the best health and fitness practices that they can adopt.

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