Do the App Developers in NJ Know App Development Myths & Facts?

17 February, 2021

Do the App Developers in NJ Know App Development Myths & Facts?

App development has evolved into a major industry in today's world, and it is easy to see why. Today we have a dedicated mobile up for pretty much everything, let it be shopping, cab service, or even health monitoring. And as mobile apps grew more and more essential in our everyday life, app developers NJ is faced with a dilemma between facts and myths.

As app development became mainstream, many methods and strategies were raised in the market, and not all of them were right. This, coupled with the inherent mistakes made by app developers NJ made it hard for launching successful revenue-generating apps. Today, we discuss the prominent myths prevailing between app developer NJ and identify what they may be doing wrong.

Myth #1:  Detailing of Mobile Application Development Steps Can be Done at The Start

Many app developers often mistake trying to draw the details of the app down to the most minute details right from the very beginning. Although this usually happens because the customer demands it, this is not the best way to go about it. Programmers/developers have to put their creative minds into work, which is often restricted in situations like this.

Myth #2:  Misunderstanding Total Turnaround Time And Cost of Application:

There still exists the perspective that mobile apps are easy to build, and some even think that they can have one built within a matter of hours. But, this is far from the truth. Depending on the app's complexity, the total turnover time, and the cost for developing may vary drastically. The best way to think about it for the app owners is to consider their high-level estimate to get the most accurate idea.

Myth #3: Smaller The App the Lesser The Price

This is a common myth among the general public. They seem to assume that if an app is small regarding its screen size or even the memory space, it occupies the easier it is to develop. However, that is not even close to reality. App developers need to understand that your client may be coming to you with such misconceptions in mind, and you must explain and straighten it out.

Myth #4: Aesthetic Apps Get a 5-Star Rating in The App Store.

Although the app's aesthetics or appearance plays a significant role in making an impression on the users, it is wrong to assume that the design aspect is good enough to earn you a 5-star rating. The design most definitely plays a huge part in making a good impression on the users; however, if it is not backed by easy and friction-free navigation and advanced capabilities, the designs deem irrelevant.

Myth #5: Mobile App Development is a One-Time Process

The next common myth among people is that app development is a one-time process where you have to put all your effort into developing an app, and once developed, it can indefinitely keep serving its purpose and earning your revenue. However, your app needs to be continuously monitored for bugs and errors and make timely improvements with the app's regular updates.

Myth #7: Native Apps Are Better Than HTML5 Apps

There are many ways to develop a mobile app. It can be Native, Hybrid, and Mobile Web, also known as 'HTML5' apps. Albeit all apps have their advantages and disadvantages, it is not necessarily true that one is better. The right choice for your app will depend on your unique needs and audience.

Myth #8: Great Features Make a Successful App

Much like good design and aesthetics can not alone create a successful app having advanced features on your app does not guarantee its success either. For an app to be successful, all the aspects, including design, features, and interface, need to align with each other in perfect harmony. Imagine having the most advanced features on your app that are sure to be useful for the users. 

But the catch is that you have stuffed so many features into one tiny app and ignored the design and navigation part that these features become virtually inaccessible. Hence merely having great features is not enough to build yourself a successful app.

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