Essential Criteria for Successful App Development in NYC

27 November, 2020

Essential Criteria for Successful App Development in NYC

Mobile app development has come a long way ever since the popularity of smartphones have increased drastically. Studies prove that the majority of smartphone users like to spend their free time on the phone, browsing through various apps. Thanks to numerous apps available on the Google play store and Apple app store. Customers find it easy to get various tasks accomplished through the apps because it helps them to overcome time constraints. This trend has persuaded many startups as well as the long-established business enterprises to opt for exclusive mobile apps to promote their brand in addition to websites. However, over the years, App development has also become a competitive industry. As every client wants to come up with mobile apps that stand out in the crowd and attract more and more users to download the same, app developers too have to keep up with the competitive spirits in order to match their client expectations. Mentioned below are a few criteria that if followed properly will help the developers to create apps that will be set apart an example for the competitors.

Agile Development Process is the best option

Most of the developers agree that app development in NYC is a competitive task and therefore it is very important to have proper planning while implementing the development stages in order to deliver a feature focused app. Only then will the developer be able to build his/her brand name in the market and acquire more clients. Agile development process is no doubt the most preferred among the developers for it provides huge scope for planning and executing the app development stages in a better manner.  Evaluating the scope of the app idea, detailed analysis of the development cost, market research and last ensuring a high-end app that provides optimum user experience is only possible by using agile method. However, agile development is only possible if there exists effective communication between the team members Iterative Development, which comprises build, test, learn, is the way agile teams that specialize in app development work  to get desired output. Iterative approach to development encourages incorporating changes in product development till it is launched. The scope for experimentation, promoting project teams to fail, learn from the failures and bringing in appropriate changes is the key feature of the process. 

Market research 

Product development can never be a success without keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the users. Focusing on the same throughout the process is crucial for app to be popular and successful among the users. Considering customer requirements and conducting market research should not be confined to initial stages of app development. Rather it should be given priority during idea generation, deciding the analytics, platform where the app will be published and other aspects. Success of a mobile app development in NYC is firmly rooted in market research and every aspect like the app’s social media presence, marketing initiatives, aesthetics and the user interface should be decided after conducting market research.

Design that provides optimum UX/UI

Mobile app development cannot begin without User experience research. This has to be done as a part of the market research and user inputs that are the expectations of customers from a mobile app need to be incorporated in the app to provide an optimum user experience. For an App to be successful and popular among users, it should have a simple and interactive user interface. Navigating through the app should be simple and clear. No user will waste his/her time to stick on to an app that is difficult to use. UX/UI experience that the users receive from an app describe the skill of an app developer.

Support from the team and knowledge sharing

As it is said, nothing can work seamlessly if the team behind it does not function together. A team stays true to its purpose only when every step is synchronized. This is the same in case of app development too. A team of skilled professionals will make up a perfect team. Even though the stages of app development are all different from each other and each team has designated tasks to accomplish, working hand-in-hand, sharing the knowledge and experience reflects on the final product and to the extent which it is error proof. Support from the team and the higher-level management is extremely important for developing an app that will go on to become a popular and successful one. Proper teamwork also shows the reliability quotient of an app developer.

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