Features App Companies in New York Must Consider to Build an Online Tutoring App

06 April, 2021

Features App Companies in New York Must Consider to Build an Online Tutoring App

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world like a wave, everything came to a halt. Companies turned to remote working and schools to digital platforms. The online medium became a saving grace for both students and teachers so that learning never stops. Schools and colleges all around the world started conducting online classes via Zoom, Microsoft teams, and Blackboard collaborates regularly so that students were constantly engaged and had something to focus on. 

Over time these platforms proved to be extremely effective and everything from activities, exams, and school assemblies were conducted through these platforms. Eventually, both teachers and students became comfortable with these platforms and it turned into an everyday routine just like when schools and colleges were conducted physically. 

Through this period, companies realized that there is an opportunity for growth and expansion in the education sector and started creating tutoring applications that catered to student's needs and provided them with the required material to study. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a new industry to enter into, tutoring apps are the right way to go. In doing so, here are a few features that app companies must consider while building an online tutoring app: 

  • Single profile creation: In the digital world, people much prefer ease and convenience. And so the first feature the app must include is an option to create an account to gain access to all the material on the app. Students should be able to create an account using their already existing university IDs or google, facebook accounts to use the app to its maximum potential. This profile creation will track the student’s progress and send regular course updates to their emails. 
  • Find what suits you best: Another feature that app companies in New York should include in the online tutoring app is a search option that allows students to explore the app in all its glory and select which tutor and what course suits them best. The search option provides students to pick and choose specific subjects and tests that interest them without any hassle. 
  • Online classrooms: Learning through an online tutoring platform means being a part of an online classroom. And so, a must-have feature in the app is an online classroom feature in every course where multiple students are in the same course and able to communicate with the tutor and with each other through chat boxes and discussion forums. This allows students to share personal study notes and understand various perspectives of the same course, this truly brings students together and evolves a sense of team spirit in them.
  • Offline studying: All leading virtual tutors and coaches app companies in New York and around the world have a feature that allows students to study offline as well. This simply means that students can download course material on their phones and take it with them everywhere they go. This can be helpful when students are in a remote area and don’t have access to good internet. This offline studying will allow students to study at their pace no matter what the situation. 
  • Goal setting: Personal growth plans are something that motivates students immensely. And so, the tutoring app must have an inbuilt feature that allows students to set targets and goals for themselves weekly or monthly. This will allow students to track their progress over time and see what are their areas of improvement in the current course.
  • Best courses to learn: Another feature that the app can have is a recommendation of the top courses that most students have chosen. These top course recommendations will allow students to pursue something that is currently relevant from the tutors in the best universities around the world. Students can also choose these courses if it is in their area of interest. 
Lastly, we can understand that the features and functions that can be included in the educational app are as wide as the ocean because education has a lot to provide for students. The features can be decided according to the complexity and requirements of the app. But, at the end of the day, the aim of the app should be to plant a seed of learning and growth in every student’s mind even if they are at home. 

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