Features & Cost to Make an App for Dog Walking in Maryland

19 January, 2022

Features & Cost to Make an App for Dog Walking in Maryland

Dog Walking App Features

When you make an app for dog walking, you should consider three aspects of the app, which are:

  • User or Customer Features
  • Walker Features
  • Admin Features

User or Customer Features

Registration Enable the user to conveniently register or sign up on your dog walking app using any of the following:

  • Email address
  • Social media accounts
  • Phone number
  • Google account 
User Profile Let the user create a personalized profile to add personal information such as name, photo, address, and information on the dog.

Booking The user should browse for available walkers nearby and send requests to book a walker, like in Uber.

Estimated Bill The user app should display an estimated amount for a dog walking service before the customer can finalize the booking.

View Walker Profile The user should have the ability to view the details of the dog walker through the dog walker profile. Dog walker profile should include details such as their experience, visiting charges, overall rating, etc.

Push Notifications The user app should send notifications to the customer about everything, including booking status, the status of the walk, etc.

Live-Tracking Live-tracking features enable the dog owner/parent to access the live location of their dogs when they are out for the walk. 

In-App Payment Ensure that the app has a diverse payment option that enables users to choose the most convenient option. Card payment, mobile wallets, cash on delivery, etc., are a must for the user app.

In-App Communication Let the dog owners/parent communicate with the walker without leaving the app through in-app calling and messaging.

Feedback The user should have the option to submit feedback after completing a walk. 

Referral The best way to market your dog walking app is to include a referral feature. It lets users invite their friends and family to try out your services for a reward.

Reports By the end of the walk, the user should have access to a report on the walk. The report should include walking distance, walking duration, payment information, etc. 

Walker Features

Profile As mentioned above, dog walkers also need to have a personalized profile. The profile should include their experience, name, contact details, etc.

Receive/Accept/Reject Walk Requests The waker should be able to receive dog walking requests through their app. Furthermore, they should be able to accept or reject a request. 

Dog Owner Info Let your walker access the dog owner's profile to know what type of dog they have and access the owner's basic information such as name and contact number.

Availability The walker app should enable the dog walker to update their availability to take the dogs on a walk at a time of their preference.

Navigation The navigation feature in the walker app should allow the walker to find the dog owner's residence and help them keep track of their walking routine with the dog.

Track Earnings Ensure that the wakers can easily keep track of their earnings from their walker app, including the details of the past bookings. 

Admin Features

The admin features usually include managerial features that enable the business owner to manage their dog walking business and track its operations. The dashboard is probably the most important of the admin features as it is where the admin can access all the managerial features such as:

  • Booking Management
  • User/Walker Management
  • Payment Management
  • Serving up push notifications for the walker/user.
  • Activity Tracking for the walkers
  • Support for the users and walkers

Dog Walking App Cost

The cost to make a dog walking app in Maryland depends on several things, such as the 
  • Features
  • Target market
  • Platform (Android, iOS) 
  • UI/UX design
  • The expertise of the app development company
However, typically the cost of developing a dog walking app can range anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000.


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