Features & Ideas to Design a Fitness on Demand App in NJ

12 April, 2021

Features & Ideas to Design a Fitness on Demand App in NJ

As time passes, consumers seemed to be glued to their screens all day long either for work, school or university due to the digital era we live in. This has made consumers more aware of their surroundings and the need for physical activity after a long day in front of the screen. And with the pandemic hitting the world like a wave, the need for physical fitness has only increased.

Consumers yearn for a walk in the sun or a workout at the gym during these tough times in the pandemic and this is exactly when fitness on-demand apps came into play. These apps have existed in the market for a long period of time but saw a rise during the lockdown period when consumers started at-home workouts. 

These apps not only build physical health but also lead to the betterment of emotional and mental well-being with a regular 40 minute workout. Fitness apps have proved to be a hit in the market for both kids and adults. Therefore, if you are thinking of expanding your existing fitness business or stepping into the industry through an app, then this is the right time to do so! 

And so, here are a few features and ideas you can use to design a fitness on-demand app

Types of fitness apps: 

The first step to designing an app is coming up with an idea of the kind of fitness app it is going to be. This can be decided according to the current needs of consumers and the trends in the market. Each kind has its benefits and companies should choose wisely according to the expertise they have. A few kinds of fitness apps that you can choose from are:

  • Workout and physical fitness apps.
  • Fitness goals tracker app.
  • Diet and meal planning app.

Ways to monetize the app: 

Another idea to implement while designing the fitness app is various monetization strategies. These strategies are what allows the app to grow in the market and earn profits overtime. Monetization strategies can be implemented during the launch or after a while when the app develops a customer base. A few monetization strategies are as follows:
  • Fitness subscription services for day-day training.
  • Ads- Health-related product ads.
  • Sponsored content- Various meal plan ideas, youtube videos on fitness. 
  • Freemium- Including both free and paid features. 

Must-have features: 

Once the kind of app has been decided and the monetization strategies have been fixed, it is time to think of the features to be included in the app to make it as user-friendly and interesting as possible. These features will vary based on the type of fitness app, but here are a few must have features while designing an app in NJ: 
  • Profile creation- The fitness app should include a feature that allows users to create a profile to start their journey. Creating a profile makes the app all the more personalized and stores the history, fitness preferences, trainer preferences of the consumer. 
  • Target setting- As the app solely focuses on fitness, users must be able to set personal targets and goals and track their progress from time-time. The app can provide certain achievements every time the user reaches their goal, this will keep them motivated. 
  • Social media sharing and participation- Another must-have feature while designing a fitness on-demand app in NJ is a social media sharing feature that allows users to update their social sites with their fitness achievements. Users can participate in challenges provided by the app along with their friends and share them on social media. This increases app publicity and reach. 
  • Notifications and updates- The app should send push-notifications and updates that remind users to workout daily and inform them about new features, leagues, etc. on the app. This keeps users engaged. 
  • Audio-video guide- Personal trainers and audio-video guides to workouts will help consumers do the right workout that suits their fitness goals. 
In conclusion, we can understand that fitness may mean different things to different people but one goal remains the same, that is a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on these three things is what will lead to the success of any fitness app.

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