Features & Ideas to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App

01 November, 2021

Features & Ideas to Develop a Cannabis Delivery App

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. Despite the stigma surrounding the cannabis industry, it continues to grow and help people through medical and recreational applications.

More and more entrepreneurs are coming forward every day to invest in the cannabis industry. A primary priority for anyone entering the cannabis industry should be to develop an app for their business. Here we will discuss some of the best features and ideas that you could include in your cannabis app.

A well-functioning cannabis delivery app consists of four panels, and they are:
  • User Panel
  • Store Panel
  • Delivery Boy Panel
  • Admin Panel

User Panel

The user panel is the most crucial panel in a cannabis delivery app because it directly interacts with the customers. An intuitive user panel is necessary to bring the right products to every customer. The main features you should include in the user panel are listed below.

Registration And Verification

The customer needs to sign up and provide all the required details for verification through the user panel. You must also ensure that customers can upload their doctor's prescription and medical details for buying medical marijuana. 

Product Search and Filter Options

Equip your cannabis app with an advanced product search feature that allows users to search for specific products based on keywords. Set up an advanced filter option to enable the user to find the products faster. 

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart feature enables the user to order or buy the desired products, add them to the wishlist, and move to the payment processing stage. 

Payment Gateway Integrations

You should ensure that the buyer can pay for their purchase in the most convenient way possible. Ensure that you equip your app with multiple payment methods, including card payments, cash payments, and even mobile wallets.

Real-time order tracking 

Enable your customers to track their orders in real-time with the help of maps. You may consider Google Maps, MapKit, or Waze for your GPS navigation to set up orders' real-time tracking.

Order Scheduling

Enhance the convenience of ordering from your cannabis store by implementing a schedule order feature. It will allow the user to pick a time of their convenience for getting the cannabis product delivered.

Contact Details Of Delivery Person

After an order gets placed through the app, the customer must receive the contact details of the delivery boy. It will allow the user to contact the delivery person and communicate their exact location for the delivery.

Order History

With an order history feature, the customers should be able to access their previous orders. The customer should also have the capability to reorder an item. It would significantly improve the convenience factor of your cannabis app.

Rating And Review

Employ a rating and review feature to allow your customers to share their feedback on the various cannabis products and services you provide. Use this feedback to find the issues in your business model and rectify them to provide a better customer experience.

Store Panel

Similar to the user panel, the sellers also need to verify their credentials before selling their cannabis products online. Apart from the store profile, the seller should also upload their product list, categorize their products and upload pictures of them.  

They should be able to manage their products, accept/decline orders, view digital prescriptions, track payment, and manage rewards and discounts.

Delivery Boy Panel 

The delivery boy panel should have a profile section, order management capabilities, GPS navigation and push notification for when an order is placed or cancelled.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is also a crucial part of your cannabis delivery app. It should be equipped with all the necessary details, including a dashboard for managing the business operations, inventory management capabilities, marketing tools, revenue management, report generation, and more. 


Today, cannabis apps are in high demand, and hence even businesses with a physical cannabis dispensary should develop an app for their business. However, you need an experienced app development partner like NewAgeSmb to ensure that your cannabis app is set up with all the advanced features and compliant with all the rules and regulations of the industry.

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