First 4 Crucial Steps to App Development in NYC, New York

22 July, 2020

First 4 Crucial Steps to App Development in NYC, New York

It is estimated that there are around 2.9 million apps in google play store and around 2.3 million in apple app store. This shows the extent of competition that exists in the mobile app development industry of NYC, New York. Especially in cities like New York where the number of businesses are more. Even though this number can be attributed to the growing affinity of the population towards smartphones, not all app developers make it big. Neither does every app become popular and accomplish the target of increasing the revenue. App development in NYC is a risky business. However, these are some crucial steps that can prove to be useful.

  • The mandatory and basic step to succeed in app development in NYC is to identify the feasibility of an app in promoting a business and increasing the revenue generated. If at all it is required, then the next step is to find out a problem in the particular arena that can be solved by the app. Demand will only rise when the need is high. When the need of a solution is high among the customers, they readily accept an app that serves the purpose in the best possible manner while giving priority to user-experience.
  • The app should have a revenue model, which makes sure that it incorporates various features that help in increasing the revenue generated by the business. This includes advertisements, paid applications, subscriptions etc. However, these can only be included in accordance to the app, i.e, a food delivery app should only have advertisements related to that and not anything else, which can become an eyesore and hamper the user- experience.
  • Native, Web or Hybrid, the app developers need to choose an approach that does justice to client requirements considering their budget and time constraint. All the three approaches have their pros and cons. Therefore, it is the developer’s responsibility to select the best one that suits each client. While native approach gives excellent user- experience, app development in this approach is elaborate. On the other hand, web apps are the most popular ones that are cheaper to develop and function on multiple platforms. The third and the most commonly used approach these days, Hybrid approach uses native features with web coding, therefore making it easy to develop an app in the stipulated time in a cheaper way.
  • Including proper analytical tools help in increasing the market value of an app. It is mandatory to include appropriate analytical tools like google analytics, Firebase etc that help the developers as well as the clients to keep a track of the traffic and bounce rate on the app. Predictive analytics that can anticipate user’s requirements can be extensively used to develop mobile applications exactly as the user wants and therefore, invariably attracting the customers towards the app.

These steps are basic yet mandatory steps that need to be kept in mind by app developers in a scenario where app development in NYC has become one of the most competitive industries. It takes a lot of hard work, planning and professional approach for an app developer to develop apps that have the capability to engage people and thereby generate revenue for the client as well.

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