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Five Security Threats, App Developers in NYC, New York Need to Know

04 July, 2020

Five Security Threats, App Developers in NYC, New York Need to Know

Mobile applications have gradually become one of those necessities that 80 percent of the population in the US can live without. Especially in the present scenario where a pandemic has restricted people to their homes, mobile applications have come to their rescue with regards to buying things online, for entertainment, learning, ordering food and for accomplishing many other day-to-day activities. Mobile app development is therefore a booming industry. However, with more and more people using mobile apps, the responsibility to ensure security has also increased. Mobile application security is one of the primary concerns for app developers in NYC as the data residing within the app is vulnerable and can be hacked if proper security measures are not implemented while designing an application. Mentioned below are some basic most commonly encountered security threats that app developers in NYC need to be aware of, in order to apply proper security measures at every stage of app development.

Hacking the code

This is one of the most widely seen security threats among mobile applications as hacking into the code that is not secure is every hackers trick. This not only allows them to drain information completely but also helps them to manipulate with the design, features and other aspects of the app. Therefore, it is mandatory for app developers to be careful about ensuring security while writing the codes. Along with hardening the code, providing various levels of security will ensure that the code remains untouched and even if the hackers make it to one level it can be easily diagnosed and fixed. 

Data theft

There is no use in designing an app that incorporates high end technology and has wonderful features if the data that is being transmitted through it is unsafe and can be easily hacked by cyber criminals. Data encryption is the method that app developers follow in order to make sure that every single data is encrypted so that it cannot be mishandled by hackers if at all they get their hands on it.  Using good encryption protocols like AES and SHA256 can help secure the data further.

Malicious third-party libraries

Most of the time it becomes mandatory for app developers to use third-party libraries while coding the app. However, this can serve as an easy route for cyber criminals to run malicious code in the app. It is therefore advised not to trust any libraries and to test the codes multiple times to ensure they are safe and not causing security threat to the app.

Authentication breach

It is just a matter of time for cyber criminals to hack into the authentication system of any app as it is easy to crack the passwords and weak authentication systems. The sustainable solution to this problem is to provide multifactor-authentication that will ensure security. This includes a strong password system, OTP logins, receiving authentication codes on emails and even applying biometrics.

Hacking the sessions

It needs to be noted that mobile phones have longer sessions than desktops and therefore session handling if not done efficiently can help hackers to steal the information easily while a user is logged in. A remote log off feature should also be provided so that a session can be closed in case of stolen or lost devices.

All these are only some basic threats that an app developer should anticipate while developing an app. However, they should definitely be prepared to encounter any security threats on any levels while developing as well as after the app is deployed. Incorporating tamper detection feature is one of the easy methods to get notified the moment someone tries to manipulate the data or tamper with the codes. One of the features that make some app developers of NYC top the list of being best in the industry is their ability to foresee the security threats that their apps can encounter and have strong and sustainable solutions for the same.

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