Flutter: Native Mobile UI Framework by Google

27 April, 2018

Flutter: Native Mobile UI Framework by Google

Over the last two decades, Google has become one of the top names in the Tech industry as a leader in innovation. Recently, Google made an official announcement about the release of the beta version of their flutter app development framework. This news has put to rest the constant chatter and endless rumors about the latest open-source mobile application development, which to say the least is a disruptive innovation that opens up exciting possibilities. The framework is an excellent platform for native app developers to create beautiful and complex user interfaces. It goes without saying that flutter native app development is definitely going to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons.  

What is Flutter?

  The first question that would come to mind when thinking about the term 'flutter' is what it is. Flutter is an open source platform that can be used to build complex user interfaces with relative ease. The framework helps a native mobile app developer and a flutter native app development company to create a UI using less code required to update and synchronize the application. There are a number of Material Designs and Cupertino behaviors and widgets that can be selected. This way, the flutter native app developer can create a natural look and feel of the app since Flutter performs platform specific tasks that include navigational patterns, scrolling, fonts, among other features. The focus is shifted from building a complex framework to focus on UI to enhance user experience.  

Beyond Dual Platform Capabilities

  A flutter app developer or a native app developer can use Flutter to their advantage as this framework is beyond dual platform capabilities. For instance, a designated compiler is kept for development. This segregation helps the package apps get the Ahead of Time complied over a long time period and Just in Time compiler which is very fast. Also, Dart language that is used helps “hot reload “during the development cycle and the changes in the code can be viewed live. That's not all, there are a number of plug-ins that are available that native app developers can rely on that include Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, and Android Studio. Additionally, he code can be mixed and matched with the code of each platform while incorporating plug-ins for Firebase.  

Benefits of Using Flutter

  There are a number of benefits that come to mind when it comes to flutter. To begin with, even a low-end machine can be used to develop apps using this framework, which makes it more the framework more accessible for users. The instant run feature helps flutter app developers test their apps in the nick of time and spares them the time of hours of compilation. As a result, it encourages native app developers to play around with the app too. Another cumbersome process that is simplified when developers use flutter is that they no longer need to worry about looking at the XML files and worry over the layout. Using Dart this portion of app development becomes relatively much simpler after using this. Furthermore, using this platform both iOS and Android apps can be developed.  

Flutter is Reactive

  A native app development company and native app developers have nothing to worry about when it comes to Flutter since it is reactive. Yes, that's right! Even for those uninitiated in native app development this is something worth looking into and learning. Getting to the heart of the matter is that flutter takes react to the next level since it helps flutter app developers focus on the behavioral aspects and customize the look and feel of the app, which was almost unimaginable before. This is a major plus point when it comes to UI design and interactivity.  

Flutter: Future of App Development?

  The official launch of the beta version of Flutter has sparked a debate on whether Flutter is going to replace Java. Even if this transition is not going to take place over night but the eventuality is that Java will be phased out as Flutter will slowly be used more widely in native application development by native application company and native application developers. An unassuming but powerful component of using widget support from an element by making it an important part of the framework has been a game changer making it a disruptive innovation. Additionally, with time the boon of using this will become more apparent.   Flutter presents exciting new possibilities in native app development which might have been unimaginable before. However, Flutter is here to stay and native app development company, flutter app development company, native app developers, and flutter app developers need to pay close attention to these developments to provide clients the latest innovative disruption that has the power to change how one looks at UI design and web development.  

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