GDPR Compliant App Development

16 April, 2018

GDPR Compliant App Development

Technology is at the heart of every possible aspect of life these days. Having said that, security has become one of the most important aspects that businesses and individuals need to take into consideration. Taking into account the imminent need for security online, the European Commission in 2012 planned to create a platform to protect data across the European Union to address this rising concern. As a result, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was set in place four years later. This secure framework is applicable to member states and has created an impact on both individuals and businesses alike.

What is GDPR?

The first order of business was the creation of a taskforce set up by the EU. Next, Facebook and WhatsApp were invited to talks about their non-compliance with the data laws in Europe. The EU meant business when it comes to the citizens of the EU having autonomy over data. Also, the regulations are transparent across the board to support the growing digital economy in a conducive environment at a time when the number of cyber crimes are on the rise across the world. For this reason, even Android app development companies and IOS App Development companies must focus on creating GDPR Compliant Apps that conform to EU's GDPR guidelines.

The objective of EU's GRPR is to helps citizens have control over personal data to prevent data breaches. Once information is stolen or lost then the information can be misused and lead to innumerable problems. This is all the more reason that EU's GRPR GDPR Compliant Apps are essential these days. Businesses and application developers both have the responsibility to ensure that all the terms and conditions are adhered to and protect users for their personal data being exploited or misused without their knowledge.

What Type of Personal Data Should be Accessible by Developers?

There are a few aspects that need to be taken into consideration while creating GDPR Compliant Apps. For instance, information like phone number, country of residence, date of birth, and name are some of the basic details that most apps ask users to share to use their app or create an account. The first step to ensure data privacy is to identify the essential personal data required from the user. On analyzing various apps, in most cases, a lot of personal details that are not necessary or relevant are shared to be shared on the app. Therefore, Android app development firms and IOS app development firms need to ensure general data protection begins from the time a user signs up for the business's services.

How Can Data Privacy be Ensured on Apps?

An excellent way to ensure that data privacy in GDPR compliant apps is the encryption of all user information and personal data. If users are required to save their personal details on the app then it is the developer's responsibility to ensure that the data is encrypted that will help in general data protection from exposure in case of data breach or data extraction takes place. Additionally, it must be ensured that communication is secure using HTTPS and this can safeguard the application from vulnerabilities as it is related to SSL protocols.

Android app development firms must create apps that prompt users how to control authorizations and authentications. In this way, if there is an attempt to breach data then the user is prompted to take action like change the password or block the account before it can be misused. Additionally, this will be helpful for users to be aware of how logs are backed up in the system and set reminders so that users do not save passwords on the browser as the data can be breached. The same way that the user details can be encrypted and developers should encrypt logs to ensure general data privacy.

Some of the other aspects that can help ensure data privacy include creating terms and conditions that are transparent that users will be able to understand. Also, if the IOS development firm requires to share a user's data with a third party then it must be as per the terms and conditions agreed upon. Users must consent to their data being shared with the third party. Additionally, just to cover all bases, it is essential that policies are created to address data breaches and have clear policies set in place to tackle such a breach. Moreover, businesses must erase the data of a user after they have cancelled services from the business.

EU's GDPR is an excellent framework to ensure general data protection and data privacy policies of the user by pushing for GDPR compliant apps. As a result, the number of data breaches, data theft, and cyber crimes in general can be tackled in a better manner as the source is being reinforced. Hiring IOS development firms and Android app development firms can help businesses follow EU's GDPR policies and be accountable to users at the same time.

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