How App Companies can Transform the Hospitality Industry in FL, Florida?

01 August, 2020

How App Companies can Transform the Hospitality Industry in FL, Florida?

There is no doubt about the fact that almost every industry in the world has been swept away by the mobile application wave. In 2020 it has become a need as well as a trend for every large and small business to have an exclusive mobile application to promote their products and services among the customers. However, there are few industries that have exclusively been impacted by the advent of mobile applications. One among them is the hospitality industry, which has picked up speed in past few years with the usage of mobile apps. Especially in places like Florida where the hospitality industry had been flourishing for the past few years, most of the app companies in Florida have made hospitality mobile apps their forte. Statistics also prove that travel and hospitality apps are one of the most searched ones in the google play store and Apple app store.

With the advent of smartphones, google maps has brought the entire world in one phone and any person irrespective of being a travel enthusiast or one who does business travels can go places and find out a way in an unknown place without getting lost. As every nook and corner of the world is known by every other person, a permanent solution, compatible to smartphones, which helps travelers to get a clear idea of hotels, home-stays, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality services are mobile apps that have all the necessary information regarding the same and also has features that helps customers choose between hundreds of option. However, being a service industry, it is quite tricky and complicated to make hospitality apps because there needs to be double the planning and research than for any other topics. Precisely because people like to be served properly no matter which part of the world, they are in. An app that does not help its users to avail good quality service is neglected by customers within no time. However, there are many positive aspects of good quality hospitality mobile apps. Mentioned below are some.

  • Saves money and time- One of the basic yet the most important features, a hospitality app can save a lot of money and time for both travelers as well as a hotel owner. As far as a traveler is concerned, he /she is interested in getting a good offer when it comes to stay and food. A hotel app, for instance is capable of providing all necessary information to the user regarding the availability of rooms on best prices way in advance so that a person looking forward to travel on a particular date can do his/her bookings in a hassle-free manner. From the hotel owner’s point of view, an app saves the time and money that is spent to train a new employee each time a staff resigns. With in-app tutorials, the new employees can easily learn their duties and be ready to face guests and get into the hotel's method of assistance much quicker.
  • Visibility increases and so does the occupancy rate- An app that makes the tiresome check-in process simple and allows the guest to check in even before reaching the hotel. This will definitely create a good impression about the hotel and the customer would prefer coming back to the same hotel while visiting the place. He/she would also give it word-of -mouth publicity, thereby providing more visibility to the app and increasing the occupancy rate.
  • Provide real time information- A hotel app can provide real time information to the staff regarding the check in and check out time of the guests, when does a room require cleaning and regarding any maintenance work that has to be done in a room.
  • Building trust- The recent pandemic has made people reluctant to stay at hotels as they may have doubts regarding the safety and sanitation practices being followed in the hotels. Apps can help the hotels to be connected with the customers even when the hotel is shut for the time being. They can also update the customers regarding the safety practices that they intend to follow once things are back to normal. This will naturally persuade the customers to be loyal to the hotel.

Even since the pandemic struck and the hospitality industry has gone on a temporary shutdown, many hotels in Florida are approaching app developers so that they can utilize this time to develop an exclusive app that will help them establish the connection with their customers and build a new customer base as well. App companies in Florida have therefore seen a rise in the number of customers who are looking for hospitality apps.

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