How App Companies in NJ can Develop Remote Work Culture?

09 November, 2020

How App Companies in NJ can Develop Remote Work Culture?

Leading app companies in NJ are now switching to remote work culture. Although remote working wasn't exactly considered mainstream in the near past, it has gained popularity recently due to the rise of the unprecedented pandemic. However, strictly speaking, freelancers are often more motivated than an employee of a company that works a 9 to 5 job. 

This lifestyle also allows them to work from the comfort of their homes or travel to beautiful destinations inside and outside their country. This alone makes remote work so much more desirable to the average human. In fact, we see a steady increase in productivity among app companies NJ that has already adopted a remote work culture.

There are several reasons for this, one of the significant ones being that freelancers are often motivated and self-driven. They have the luxury of time, but they are self-responsible for their deadlines. Before app companies NJ can adopt a remote work culture, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Today, we'll discuss these factors and how app companies NJ can develop productive remote work culture.

  • Establish Good Work Relationships : Perhaps the biggest challenge about remote work is not being to work together as a team because of the lack of personal interaction between colleagues. There is no better way to tackle this other than through effective communication. To ensure this, companies can schedule short personal conversations or even bring in systems like work buddies where two close teammates can engage in talks. Companies like Zapier have already employed this. These conversations can help them establish a bond only if they are talking about their personal lives and not their professional lives. The deeper the relationship with each other they have, the more seamlessly they can work together to deliver successful projects.
  • Feedback and Self-Learning: In the absence of a physical work environment where it is relatively easier to supervise and pass your feedback, it is still essential that you pass them on. When it comes to a remote work environment, you need to be clear about giving your employees feedback and blunt when necessary. In an ideal remote work culture, everyone, including the top and bottom level employees of a company, must feel free to get and give honest feedback. This can be easily implemented through a team meeting or discussion. However, this does not mean you can speak rudely or bluntly to your employees. Try understanding their actions and do your best to empathize with them because always giving negative comments can not work out how you want it to. To ensure this, celebrate their accomplishment and provide positive feedback while keeping your eyes open for any shortcomings.
  • Nurture & Encourage the Desire to Learn: It goes without saying that if you want your employees to grow and expertise in their field of work, you need to help them by nurturing their desire to learn more. Employees with an earnest desire to learn and are encouraged to learn more are 30% more likely to become industry leaders. To accomplish this, you could provide your motivated employees with a one-on-one mentorship conducted online, or you could encourage your senior-most employees to share their own experiences and knowledge that they have accumulated over the years.
  • Encourage Autonomy: One of the significant differences between having a productive remote work culture and straight remote work culture is the work's autonomous nature. As a well-established company it is only natural that you use a project management tool to keep track of everyone's tasks and deadlines. It would be best if you always tried to avoid micromanagement of projects as it often tends to backfire. If you can assign a task with a brief description, you need to do that and give your employees some extent of autonomy for the work they do. Make sure that you can describe the task as best you can to avoid any kind of miscommunication. There is nothing more frustrating than someone pinging you every 5 mins asking for updates or requesting changes. It is always best to give them time and space to work for better productivity.

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