How App Makers can Create a Doctors On Demand App in Philadelphia?

05 April, 2021

How App Makers can Create a Doctors On Demand App in Philadelphia?

With the pandemic on the line, medical requirements and necessities have increased drastically. Hospitals, doctors, and nurses have become twice as busy and people hesitate to step out of their houses keeping their safety and various other concerns in mind. And so, to allow customers to solve medical issues from the comfort of their own homes, on-demand doctor apps and telehealth apps came into play.

Telemedicine or a telehealth app is a kind of facility that allows patients to consult doctors remotely. Patients can choose specialists and doctors through the app and talk to them via video calls or through phones. Doctors can diagnose the problems and send prescriptions right to the nearest pharmacy and the pharmacy can deliver the medicines to the patient’s doorstep.  

These apps have gained extreme popularity over time due to their convenience and safety, most people around the world have shifted to this way of doctor consulting. And so, it comes as no surprise that the doctor on-demand app industry has become competitive and innovative. Every hospital now has one of these apps to look after their customer’s health even in the most difficult situation.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to on-demand apps for doctors to make the consultation process much easier and faster, here are a few steps that you can follow: 

  • Understand the requirements of your patients:  The first and foremost thing app makers have to follow while developing an on-demand doctor’s app is that they should thoroughly understand the needs of the customer. Understanding existing and potential patient needs will help the developers mould the app into something that appeals to customers and makes them feel like they can trust it. Basic options such as medicines, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics etc. should be included in the app. 
  • Include AR/VR technologies: With the rise in personalized healthcare via apps, patients now prefer a full hospital experience while being at home. And so, it is key that app makers in Philadelphia and around the world ensure to include AR/VR technologies in the app so that customers can see the medicines they are consuming, understand the healthcare procedures in detail and have a real-time experience each time they use the app. This technology can help doctors understand what illness the patient is suffering from as well.
  • Integrate the must-have features: On-demand doctor’s app makers in Philadelphia and around the world need to ensure that the app is designed for both primary and urgent care of patients and therefore need to include some must-have features that cater to both of these units. A few of these features are as follows: (1) Scheduling appointments and appointment reminders, (2)Emergency medicine, (3) In-app chat, (4) Prescription delivery and (5) Video call and doctors app.
  • Manage patient databases: For the app to be used to its maximum potential, it should be able to analyze the data entered into it on a daily basis. This simply means that the app should be able to track the patient’s history and manage patient databases in order to provide services that fit their needs perfectly. These databases can store everything from patient name and address to their medical history and frequently visited doctors. 
  • Choose the right launch platform: Lastly, the app should be launched on the right platform that reaches the maximum number of patients. The app can be launched on various platforms such as App Store, Google Playstore or both. The platform should allow patients to download the app easily on both mobile phones and laptops. App makers should also keep in mind that the app will eventually grow and should have in mind various growth plans on all platforms to keep customers satisfied. 
In conclusion, we can understand that these telehealth apps have completely changed the hospital sector and how consulting works. Although expensive, these apps can prove to be a profit-making machine as it grows and thrives in the market. With everything moving to a digital platform and multiple apps coming up, every hospital around the world will have to also eventually create a telemedicine app that treats patients easily in order to survive in a highly competitive and volatile market. 


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