How can App Companies in NJ Improve the security of Mobile Banking App?

18 February, 2022

How can App Companies in NJ Improve the security of Mobile Banking App?

Security is the one thing that is fundamental when it comes to creating a mobile banking app. Without proper security, the customer could lose their valuable data and even their money. 

An insecure mobile banking app is bound to fail in the market. Hence, we have made a list of things that app companies can do to enhance the security of their mobile banking apps.

#1 Use SIM Cards With NFC Technology

When it comes to mobile applications, security is a big concern, especially for mobile banking apps. Non-ethical hacking and leakage of confidential information are two of the most significant security issues app companies need to counter.

Using SIM cards in Credit and Debit is an effective solution to this security concern. It enables customers to easily download their credit card data to their NFC or Near Field Communication SIM card. In other words, it allows you to carry a card and use it for transactions only if your SIM card is nearby.

#2 Implement A Multi-factor Authentication Feature

The multi-factor authentication feature in a mobile banking app involves using multiple points to check the customers' authenticity. These points act as checkpoints, where each of them requires a unique password. 

App companies in New Jersey consider this feature because it cannot be hacked. Additionally, there are also cases where one password is a link that leads to several other passcodes. Some of the security blocks in such a system can include:

  • Face recognition.
  • Fingerprint recognition.
  • OTP or One Time Password.

#3 End-To-End Encryption

The confidential data shared over mobile banking apps are worth billions of dollars. Therefore, it is no wonder that internet purchases have become a common target to cybercrimes. Mobile banking app companies in New Jersey can protect their users' data via end-to-end encryption.

End-to-end encryption ensures the data of the mobile banking app users are protected at all times. You can even use it for organizing safety checks and survey for your customers. But most importantly, it protects you from fraudulent activities and unethical hacking.

#4 Use Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition for your banking app would offer easy access with superior security. A fingerprint scanner installed in any smart device can safeguard the user's information and protect it from the hands of hackers.

Hence, when you make a mobile banking app, you need to ensure that it supports fingerprint scanning for any fingerprint-supported devices. Furthermore, it can even be implemented for apps with payment transaction capabilities. 

#5 Send Real-Time Reports To Phone And Email

Transparency is a crucial element for any banking operations, and real-time reports on the banking activities are the best way to ensure it. Ensure that your mobile banking app can send real-time reports to your customers for any banking activity involving them.

Every transaction history must be recorded and reported to the account holder in real-time. You can send a text notification, a push notification, or an email alert. Furthermore, you can even use all of these channels together for sending real-time reports.

#6 Use Behavior Analysis

New mobile banking apps should have advanced analyzing capabilities that can track account activity details such as 
  • Time spent on the app.
  • Saved passwords
  • Login locations.
It will help you run a behavior analysis of the user. Doing so enables the banking app to raise a flag if or when there is any suspicious activity, and necessary actions are taken in real-time.

#7 Protection Against Data Breaches

A data breach is a common and worrying security concern in a mobile banking app. App companies must protect the mobile banking app with the required features, whether personal data or business data.

Instead of relying on a standard development approach, app companies should find secure data. Furthermore, they should ensure that the data is safeguarded via a modern encryption algorithm.


Security is an integral part of all mobile banking apps, and app companies must always prioritize it. Here, we have listed some ways app development companies can enhance the security of the mobile banking apps they wish to create. However, ensuring such advanced security features requires the touch of a true expert like NewAgeSMB.

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