How can App Companies in NYC, New York Increase App User Retention?

06 October, 2020

How can App Companies in NYC, New York Increase App User Retention?

It might seem that higher download rates which leads to user acquisition is the major factor for determining mobile app success. However, not every person who has downloaded the app uses it regularly. Active users increase the brand’s value and not the number of downloads. If acquiring users is the initial step, engaging and retaining them is the most challenging part.  Mobile app engagement and retention are the two aspects that the app companies of NYC who wish to make it big in the app development industry should know. Customer retention also shows the relationship that a company has with its customers, thereby building the image of the brand in the market. Unlike user engagement that describes how active users are on the application, user retention is the industry benchmark to count the percentage of buyers who are loyal towards the brand. Below mentioned are few tips that the app companies can follow in order to retain the customers.

  • Easy On-boarding: Having an efficient and easy on-boarding process is extremely important for an app to get a user’s attention. It is very frustrating for a user to fill up long forms with information that they feel is unnecessary in order to use an app. App companies of NYC should therefore work towards making the on-boarding process easy to understand and quick because if not so, the chances of users to abandon the app right in the initial stage is more likely. The most efficient way for the same is by reducing the steps involved in the sign up process. In addition to this providing a glimpse of the features present in the app and a gist of how they function, can keep the customer engaged throughout the on-boarding process. This also helps the user to understand the app easily, thereby making them loyal customers of the app and the brand.

  • Push Notifications: Push notifications can be considered as personalized brand interaction, which makes a user happy and in turn helps in making him/her loyal towards the brand. Most of the customers get offended, if they feel that they are not important for the brand.  Push notifications, which can be as simple as sending a message or anything thoughtful and innovative that can be used as the most efficient tool to interact with the customer. Push notifications can also be used to intimate the users regarding timely offers, discounts and other app specific features. Having timely interactions with the users in turn ensures customer loyalty and retention.

  • Reward users: Incentivized engagement is the best way to retain customers. Users instantly feel content when they are rewarded with extra content, more features or a free upgrade to limited time premium experience. Many app companies of NYC also provide reward or loyalty programs that, along with making the users feel significant to a brand, also persuade customers to do more frequent in-app purchasing which uses rewards points instead of money. 

  • High-Quality App with proper functionality: Customers will only continue using a product that is of good quality, which clearly explains why an app should be of premium quality in order to have loyal customers. In addition to this, a strong and long lasting client base also depends on the functionality of the app and its capability to incorporate updates. If an app lacks proper functionality, users will not even give it a second thought before uninstalling it. A diligent quality assurance can be done through conducting multiple tests at every stage of app development, which will in turn help the product team to come up with a error proof item in the market 

With mobile apps being a trend that is followed by almost every enterprise these days, competition among app developers to create unique and attractive apps is getting stronger day by day. Moreover, the target is not accomplished only by building an app. It should be ensured and steps should be taken on a timely basis for customer retention. The goal is not simply app download but retaining users to build brand loyalty. App development experts even say that user retention is more important than user acquisition, which will in turn take care of increasing the app revenue. 

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