How Develop a Perfect Hospitality App for Your Hotel in Pennsylvania?

30 March, 2021

How Develop a Perfect Hospitality App for Your Hotel in Pennsylvania?

The hotel, hospitality, and tourism industry are some of the main industries that the general public depends on in order to take a break from their fast-paced lives. Customers all around the world prefer a day-off at a hotel with the best facilities to treat themselves and their families.  This industry continues to thrive as more and more people have started spending a reasonable amount on vacations. Hotel bookings are a crucial part of any vacation and customers usually want no hassle when it comes to this.  Hotels and resorts all over the world aim to provide their customers with the best possible experience, a quiet getaway from reality. And so, to continue this growth and success, developing a high-quality mobile app is important for every hotel business. The sole reason for this is because it improves the user experience for existing customers and provides potential visitors with practicality and convenience.  Therefore, if you are thinking of stepping into the digital era and developing an app, that is  the perfect hospitality app for your hotel to expand its reach, here are a few handy tips and tricks you can follow: 

  • Team-up with multiple departments: To develop an app in Pennsylvania or all around the world that ticks all the boxes, the hotel will have to include all the departments that are responsible for making the guest’s stay as memorable as possible. These departments are hotel operations, restaurant staff, IT department, room services, etc. Including these departments will provide the app developer with a wider perspective on what are the services and functions to be added to the app.  Maximum participation and getting everyone together to provide feedback on the development process is a crucial step to create a foolproof app. 
  • Include the reception services within the hotel app: Most customers book hotels through mobile phones due to their ease of use. Customers plan their trip according to the features and pieces of advice provided by the hotel and therefore it will be extremely helpful if the reception services such as web check-in, check-out, and a brochure of hotel facilities are included in the app. The app can have a section of exclusive hotel discounts, recommendations of places to explore in the city, tour guides, etc. This will also help the customer eliminate the long queues at receptions right after their flight. 
  • Provide an option to create a personalized profile: One of the best ways to ensure maximum customer engagement is by allowing customers to create a personal profile on the app. This profile will allow customers to communicate their special requirements and preferences to the hotel prior to their arrival. The profile can also track the history of previous customers and customize hotel services such as spas, hotel shopping experiences according. Customers should also be able to select their preferred language on profile creation so that they can understand the app services without any language barrier. 
  • Implement customer retention programs:  To develop a hospitality app in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the world that provides hotel services to customers in the best way possible, the app should entail customer membership and loyalty programs. These loyalty programs allow the hotel to retain customers by providing them with extra benefits. On being a member through the app, customers can avail of various offers and special services such as discount codes, etc. throughout their stay. This allows the customer to feel right at home even in a new city. 
  • Allow room for improvement: One thing app developers keep in mind are that there is always room for growth and improvement. By providing a feedback section in the app, customers can leave notes of their pleasant stay or leave suggestions that will help the hotel improve and provide first-class services to its customers. 
In conclusion, we can understand that creating the perfect hospitality app is all about analyzing customer needs, providing the best and most user-friendly services, and working on the hotel’s strengths. Creating an app will allow the hotel to make its mark even in the digital world and reach out to visitors in any corner of the world.

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