How much does it cost to build a Grocery App with App Developers in Florida?

18 February, 2021

How much does it cost to build a Grocery App with App Developers in Florida?

Grocery Apps have become quite handy ever since the pandemic hit. Although grocery apps are not something new to us, they saw a significant rise in demand once the pandemic hit. Florida is among the cities that saw steep demand for grocery apps. Owing to the high demand, App developers in Florida are coming up with innovative new grocery apps.

Even businesses are now investing in grocery apps to reach out to more customers, and the ones who don't have an app are partnering with grocery delivery platforms. This is because right now, a chunk of customers prefer to buy grocery products online. It is a safe and convenient way for customers to buy groceries.

Some grocery apps cover their development part and make use of numerous retailers. The customer then has the choice to combine products from different sellers or choose between the multiple options. Grocery app developers in Florida are now building these apps equipped with superior convenience and personalization. But, the real question remains, "How much does it cost to build a grocery app?" and below, we discuss just that.

Grocery App For The Customer & The Shopper

Like any on-demand app, the grocery app also comes with two versions. There is an app for the customer/consumer who makes the purchase. And an app for the shopper who goes out to get the grocery and delivers it to the consumer. Both the apps are essential for running the business.

Features and Cost of Customer App 

The customer app is essential as any compromises in the app could directly affect the business and its sales. Hence, it is always better to equip it with all the necessary features and not hold back. Some of the main features you need to include in this app are:

  • User Registration: The user registration on your grocery app should be easy and fast. This means enabling registration through just a few clicks using social media, Google accounts, email addresses, or phone numbers. The key is to make it as convenient as possible for the user, and this feature will cost you around $5000.
  • List of stores and Items Listing: Ensure that you list the stores from which the consumer can buy groceries based on their location. This means that you'd need geolocation capability as well as extensive filters to narrow the list. This feature can be set up on your app, starting at $10,000.  The item listing, which allows you to select categories and subcategories, will cost you about $15,000. It also allows you to add advanced filters and enable you to add individual products to the cart.
  • Order Placement and Payment Options: The order placement includes all the steps needed to complete an order, from selecting delivery options to choosing the payment methods to apply promo codes. This could cost you around $7000. Furthermore, you also need to equip the app with easy and secure payment options. Provide the customer with multiple payment options, including cash on delivery and online payments. Integrating various payment gateways could cost you about $10,000.
  • Order Tracker & Loyalty Program: It is inevitable for the grocery app to have an order tracker. The development cost of a quality order tracker with automatic notification capability can be around $12,000. Furthermore, you can also equip your grocery app with loyalty programs that can establish a long-term relationship with the customers, and it would cost you about $7000 only.

Features and Cost of Shopper App 

The shopper app is slightly easier and cheaper to create than the customer app; however, it is still essential to have the basic features necessary for the business's smooth functioning. The features you need on the shopper app include the registration, order management, and real-time updates, help module, performance management, and earning module, which could add up to a total of $47,000.

Final Cost for a Grocery App 

The final cost of a fully functional grocery app, including the customer app and shopper app, is around ($66,000+$47,000) $113,000. You can also build a store web portal, which can cost around another $45,000.

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