How Much Does Mobile App Cost?

06 June, 2017

How Much Does Mobile App Cost?

The importance of mobile apps for businesses these days are indisputable. With people being dependent on technology at levels witnessed today, anything outside of these levels are considered obsolete. However, how much would a mobile app cost is a common question and concern of many.

Asking for a fixed or set price for developing a mobile app is like asking for the price of building a house! The cost depends on the various factors that go with the development of the app. It would be very difficult to outline a cost without going into the details of the requirement.

One of the main factors that influence the cost of mobile app includes the type of app to be developed, its scope and the field it deals with. This also involves the complexity of the app, and what it intends to address. Gaming and other apps, and those which involve personal data of the customers require a certain level of security features, which can add to its cost.

The design of the interface and the number of the displays supported influence the amount of work and thereby the cost. Using standard templates can help reduce the cost, but then certain apps require unique and attractive designs to grab user attention. So, compromising on this to reduce cost might not work well for the future of the app.

The platform for which the app is developed is a main factor that determines its cost. With Android, iOS and Windows ruling the markets, cost of apps for these platforms may vary depending upon on the resources needed for development. The nature of the app, which involves native, web and cross platform or hybrid apps, also bring fluctuations in the pricing factor.

The functionality of the app, the amount and quality of graphics used in it and the various additional features incorporated in it also factors in the app pricing. Some apps require a strong back end server support. These can add to the price of the app. The complexity of development and extend of coding and other aspects like using in the offline mode, social media integration, creation of user profiles are all known to feature in the pricing aspect of the app.

The agencies involved in development are another factor which determines the app cost. Some countries offer app development at more profitable rates than others; hence app development location matters as well. The subsequent updates and services including launch, marketing and hosting also features in the app pricing.

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