How much would it Cost for Creating an On Demand App in New York City

30 October, 2020

How much would it Cost for Creating an On Demand App in New York City

One of the thumb rules of business is based on the principle of demand and supply. Supply is dependent on the volume of demand that is generated. This not only goes true for a product but also for all sorts of services. While E-commerce has played a major role in delivering these products and services to the customer’s doorsteps, the growing affinity of people towards online purchases led to the advent of

e-commerce apps that made the process of selling and buying extremely simple. These days, every demand be it beauty or fashion related, healthcare needs, domestic help, home cleaning services, food delivery or buying groceries, has an app that helps the users to fulfill their requirements effortlessly. 

You name a service and there is an on-demand app for the same in Apple store or Google play store. Experts say that not all but the majority of the apps available in the app stores is dedicated to on-demand delivery systems. An on-demand app can be precisely called as an efficient tool that bridges the gap between the customer and their requirements in terms of buying a product or availing to any service, by the means of an app. Therefore creating an app in NYC that specializes in any of the on-demand services of the population in the city can prove to be a game changer for the app developer as well as the business enterprise for which the app is developed.

As the app development industry has been swept away by the on-demand app storm, it is mandatory that every developer who plans to create an app in NYC for the same should know about the financial aspects as well that are involved in the development of these apps. The breakdown of the cost required for developing an on-demand mobile app in New York City can be broadly classified as- The customer’s end, the service provider’s end and the web dashboard.

The customer’s app serves as the most important aspect of an on-demand app as it is responsible for the interaction between the app user and the service provider. The cost of creating a customer facing end of an on-demand app is estimated to vary from $35000-$37000. It might feel a bit on the higher side but includes all essential and mandatory aspects like user profile- a section where the user can add, delete or update his/her personal details, list of the products and services that the service provider has in store for the users, map that enables real time tracking of the orders, chats that allow the customers to raise their queries with the service provider and cart that helps the customers to add the product of their choice and buy it later.

Even though the cost of developing a service provider’s app is less, which might vary from $25000-$30000, the developers creating an app in NYC should take extra care on not compromising the features as the company has to be in constant touch with the customers and that is only possible through the service provider. The service provider should be able to access the profile details provided by the user tracking system that allows them to keep a check on the delivery executive and stick to the timings so that the customer is loyal to the brand.

Web dashboard, the development of which requires about $20000 acts as a platform that accepts, analyzes and resolves various queries, complaints and other concerns raised by both customer as well as service provider side apps.

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