How should App Companies in Maryland Develop a Restaurant Reservation App?

20 October, 2020

How should App Companies in Maryland Develop a Restaurant Reservation App?

Today almost every service that you can think of is accessible on your fingertips, thanks to that little device you carry around wherever you go, your smartphone. The F&B (Food & Beverage) industry may be a slow runner, but in recent times it has caught up with the rest as far as online services that went online are concerned. Seeing as restaurant reservation apps are fast gaining popularity, app companies in Maryland must focus their time and effort into creating ones that can keep up with user demands.

Albeit online food ordering apps predominantly occupy the F&B industry's digital world, it is the restaurant reservation apps that make a finer niche choice right now. Almost all well-established restaurants and even the smaller ones are now employing a restaurant reservation app. This is because many restaurants are adapting to this new way of business, and app companies Maryland need to use this as an opportunity. 

There are many reasons why restaurants are adopting a pre-reservation is becoming more and more popular by the day. It saves both parties a lot of time, it saves you the trouble of holding a table, and the customers can view the restaurant's menu and even pay for it beforehand. There is no longer the need to handle countless phone calls and cancellations with the help of just one app. This article discusses how a restaurant reservation app can help its users and how app companies in Maryland can develop them in the best way possible.

Ideal Features for Your Restaurant Reservation App

When developing an app, you need to consider how it can play out for everyone who has to interact with it. In this case, it is the guests and the restaurant owner. Here, we'll discuss all the features that you need to include in your app to satisfy the needs of both.

Features for the Guests

  • Sign up via social media accounts, phone number, or email.
  • Advanced search feature with filters for time, seating, and type of food.
  • GPS navigation 
  • Menu with categorized food and beverages.
  • Booking availability indicator
  • Secure payment gateways for easy payments.
  • Booking confirmations through email as well as text messages.

Features for the Restaurant Owner

  • Seating/Booking chart to manage the tables.
  • Capability to view bookings.
  • A calendar that lets them manage bookings as well as waitlists.
  • Advanced search filters to search by booking time, the number of guests, and more.
  • Ability to track payments.
  • Messaging capability to communicate with the customers who have made a reservation.
  • Easily customizable menus, images, and pricing.

Steps Involved in Developing a Restaurant Reservation App

Now that we have listed out all the features that either the guests or the restaurant owner may have from the app, let's see the steps you need to follow to develop a successful Restaurant Reservation App.

  • Create a Concept: As with most apps, the first step you need to take is to create a clear-cut concept. It will serve as a blueprint for your app, including everything you need and doesn't need.  
  • Analysis: In the next step, you need to conduct an in-depth analysis of your concept and your cost. This will help you figure out your app's strengths and weaknesses and help you take the necessary measures.
  • Design: Create a rough design after taking into account all the features and functions required by the client. After submitting the design, carry out multiple iterations to reach the best possible result.
  • Development: Once the design and the features are confirmed, all that is left to do is develop the app with the utmost quality.
  • Testing: Test your app for any flaws or mishaps before you can launch your app to the public. Providing a beta version to be tested by a select few users is an effective method you can follow.
  • Launching: Once your app has passed the testing phase, you can launch your app to the public. However, to make sure that your app is not neglected, carry out promos, and provide attractive offers for using your app. Furthermore, launch the app on all major platforms to maximize the reach.

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