How should App Companies in Philly, Philadelphia Build Smart Content Strategy?

18 August, 2020

How should App Companies in Philly, Philadelphia Build Smart Content Strategy?

Mobile phones have become our go-to tool for just about everything from keeping track of your diet to planning your daily appointments. In the past year alone, a whopping 204 billion apps were downloaded, and the numbers are likely to go up in the future. In other words, it is safe to say that the market demand for mobile apps is as good as ever. However, building an app does not mean that it’ll be successful even if it is in high demand. The app needs to be able to represent your brand and what it stands for, and to accomplish this, you need a smart content strategy. Many leading app companies in Philadelphia are working on the best content strategy they can cook up. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best smart content strategies, followed by the top app companies in Philadelphia.

Understand Your Audience

Your content should always be purpose-driven, creating content with too little information or filling them up with unnecessary information will only do you more harm than good. You should always keep your target audience in mind. Make sure that you include any information that the user wants to know on the app, but keep your content precise and ensure that you are putting up data relevant to the user.  The top app companies in Philadelphia study their target audience in order to get a better understanding of their needs and user-behavior. The best results are obtained when the app created can accommodate all the needs of the target audience. When building an app, ask yourself, what does the app need to accomplish? What are your target demographics and their interest? What are the preferred devices the users use to access your app? The more questions you can come up with and address, the more you can narrow down on the kind of content you need to adapt.

Content That Adds Value & Serves The User

One of the common mistakes made by app companies is that their content lacks value in the long term. Your content should be able to make a lasting impression on the users by delivering value and serving their needs. Make it a point to ensure that the content used on the app is created with long-term use in mind. In addition to adding value, the content must also be engaging to the users. To ensure that your content is relevant and retains the user’s interest, you must regularly produce fresh and original content that appeals to them. Get the best out of geofencing by employing it to reach users at a specific location with the upcoming events nearby and more. You can also moderately use the push notifications to rely on relevant content to the target audience in a timely manner.

Employ Experts in Niche

Consider working with different content creators who are experts in a niche, depending on the app’s complexity. Content creators usually have expertise in a niche and, more often than not, can create captivating content when they can combine their talent with their experience. A writer who is experienced in eCommerce may not be the ideal one for your app if it is a dietary or health-focused app. Employing the experts in a niche for your app content ensures that you always produce top-quality content. 

Captivating & Relevant Content That Engages The User

Many apps make the mistake of putting up content that is incapable of creating meaningful engagement with the user. Although using captivating and relevant content may seem obvious, it often goes overlooked. A smart content strategy would require the app to present content that is relevant to the users in real-life. In other words, you need to be aware of market trends and generate content that is relevant for the users now to ensure maximum engagement.


If your app does not have a smart content strategy, then it is more than likely that your app will drown among the sea of mobile apps launched every day. When done right, a smart content strategy engages your users, establishes your brand value, and ultimately leads to higher conversions.

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