How Simple CRMs Help in Better Prospecting for Small Businesses?
How Simple CRMs Help in Better Prospecting for Small Businesses?

03 August, 2020

How Simple CRMs Help in Better Prospecting for Small Businesses?

Like the famous saying, “Bonds Binds Business” small businesses have to have a plan and a strategy to build good bonds with their existing as well as soon to be customers. Here’s where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plays a vital role. Acquiring a customer is a tedious task, but the CRM defines each stage and simplifies it.

Primarily, there are two types of potential customers:

  1. Leads:  Leads are referred to people who have something related to the product you are selling or the service you are offering, and have a chance of being your customer.
  2. Prospects:  Prospects are leads who made an initial step in getting to know your service or business, or people who enquired about it (via phone, email etc). Prospects have a greater chance of being your customer than leads.
  TRACKING AND CONVERSION: For better prospecting, you need to create engagement with your leads and prospects in an effective way. Being a small business each sales matter, hence sales CRM for small business keeps a track of your initial sales, making you concentrate on your customer base while your gradual sales growth is recorded automatically.

Sales CRM for small business also understands your leads and makes a way for you to convert them to a prospect or a customer. So, for small businesses, sales CRM can lower your conversion rates. 

  PROSPECTING TACTICS:  Using CRM, a small business can efficiently fulfil their prospecting tactics. Prospecting tactics are methodologies that a business has to follow in order to acquire prospects.

(PROSPECTING TACTICS: Direct mail, Phone calls, Voicemails, E-mails)

CRM helps in keeping track of these tactics, the result of a phone call or an email your salesperson conducted or a reply to the direct mail you had sent. All of these will be automated and monitored on a CRM. Hence, it will help the company’s overall prospecting.

CLASSIFICATION OF CONTACTS: With a growing customer base, one thing you’ll find difficulty is in arranging your contacts, with the help of a simple CRM, the solution for this problem is met. CRM helps you divide customers into various segments for avoiding mismatch in communications. The employees of an SMB (Small and Midsize Business) can get in touch with the right customer for the service or product that fits them accurately. The main advantage of using a CRM, especially a sales CRM for small business is that it can create relationships with your customers that results in customer loyalty. CRM mainly diversifies each contact based on their requirement or their current status ( lead, prospect, customer or past client). 

USEFUL INVESTMENT: Being a small business, you’ll always think twice about spending money on something for your business in terms of its accessibility and its benefits. CRMs like sales CRM for small businesses are one of the most valuable investments a company will ever make in terms of growth. By investing in a CRM that suits best for your SMB, most of the administrative work is automated. Hence, you can work more on your lead and prospect conversion. These can be carried out with the help of simple freeware CRM like Hubspot which provides you with various other integration options like ( Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics ).  Despite being a freeware it provides all the basic features of a CRM. A simple CRM like this can boost your sales and lower your prospecting cost, effectively.

In conclusion,  CRMs keep your business intact by the integration of various processes in a business and combining them into a single process that results in better prospecting. The task of acquiring customers, maintaining a stable relationship, and understanding what people are looking for in your business are met in a CRM tool. Sales CRM for the small business acts as a pillar of information that will help them grow, by automating their sales process and keeping their records accurate. Sales CRM also helps in understanding the forecast, and what steps should be taken to achieve forecasted sales. Also, the money spent on CRM is wise money that can be brought back to the company by putting the CRM to use. Overall, CRM helps small businesses grow strategically, building loyal customers bases and ideal sales.

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