How to Build a Cleanly Like Laundry App in Maryland?

08 April, 2021

How to Build a Cleanly Like Laundry App in Maryland?

After coming home from a long day at work, nobody wants to be welcomed by a long to-do list, most of which comprises the tedious task of doing the laundry. Therefore, this is exactly when on-demand laundry applications come in to save the day!

Mobile laundry applications were introduced to help people around the world delegate routine housework in between their fast-paced, busy lives. From its introduction, on-demand laundry apps have only grown and thrived in the market. The ability of the app to eliminate dry-cleaning and washing from one’s day-day lives is what led to its success. And so, physical laundry stores and laundromats also developed applications and improved their processes to withstand the competition that on-demand applications brought in. 

Therefore, if you own a traditional laundry business or a local laundromat and are thinking of creating an app for it, this is your sign. Building a smoothly functional app will increase productivity, improve customer reach and attract more crowds. 

And so, here are a few steps and things you can follow to build a foolproof laundry app like Cleanly and many others: 

Choose your business model:

The first step to build an app like Cleanly is choosing the business model to be followed. This is crucial to compete with the existing and upcoming players in the same industry. There are mainly two types of business models for on-demand laundry apps and they are as follows: 
  • Marketplace model- In this model, the laundry app service providers do not have their own equipment, rather the users and the service providers have a platform that they can connect on. The laundry app coordinates with the actual service providers who interact with the final customers and arrange deliveries.
  • On-site model- This model is for people who already own laundry businesses and require an app to expand their reach. The business owner can pick the clothes from the users once the request is placed through the app and then deliver it within 24 hours. 

Make a list of features to be included in the application:

To build an app in Maryland that provides on-demand laundry services, app developers need to include a list of must-have features that the app must entail. The customer app should have a registration, notification, booking, payment features, etc. The delivery app should have the feature of validating the order, picking up, and delivery feature. And finally, the laundry app should have client details, order summary, and various other statistics. 

Focus on design and interface:

We hear the statement ‘first impression is the best impression’ thrown around quite a lot. Well, in the case of apps, it stands extremely true. Users prefer an aesthetically designed application that intrigues them and provides them an understanding of what the app does. The user interface should be extremely friendly and easy to use so that customers keep coming back to the app. Therefore, the laundry app company needs to keep both these components in mind while designing the app. 

Include extra services and offers: 

Building a laundry service app in Maryland and making it stand out in the market is a task in itself. Therefore, while developing the app, the company should include extra services such as free stitching and button replacements, hangers, folded and packaged clothes to be just that one step ahead of the competition. The app should also include offers, discount codes and various other sale options to increase customer retention and loyalty. 

Keep social responsibility in mind: 

A socially responsible business attracts customers like no other. Therefore during development, the laundry app should focus on making their services as convenient as possible by using vegan, cruelty-free detergents and fabric softeners and by providing a share of the profits to a social cause. This final step takes care of both your business and the environment! 

Lastly, we can gather that on-demand laundry apps are increasing and are highly competitive. By staying up-to-date on the additional services required during laundry and by aiming at reducing overall customer effort by providing fresh and clean laundry at any hour, your app will take over the market in no time. Just always remember to keep cleaning, just keep cleaning! 

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