How to Build a Liquor Delivery App?

13 October, 2021

How to Build a Liquor Delivery App?

Isn’t it great that today, we have the ability to have anything we want to be delivered to our doorsteps? This means you can even order yourself a bottle of wine when you are lying back and relaxing on the weekend. 

Liquor delivery apps have now become one of the most popular on-demand apps available. It offers a convenience that the buyer could never access before. Hence, more and more liquor shops are now gearing up to build a liquor delivery app.

However, it is not easy to build an app for your liquor shop without first understanding its requirements. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can build a liquor delivery app that can effectively serve everyone involved in the business transaction. 

The Three Different Sides of a Liquor Delivery App 

As you know, liquor delivery apps work on an on-demand basis. You must consider the on-demand nature of the liquor delivery app and the need for effective communication between the buyer, the shop and the delivery person. Hence, you need to prioritize three things before you build an app for your liquor shop/business, and they are:

  • Customer App
  • Store App & Dashboard Panel
  • Admin Panel

Customer App: Major Features You Need To Include

The major features that you should implement in the customer app are as given below.

User Login

Allow your users to log in to your app to provide them with a personalized experience. This includes suggesting relevant products, offering discounts, and much more.

Liquor Listing 

You must let the users view all the drinks listed in the liquor shop/shops near their location. Allow them to view the individual prices and view their details.

Search And Filter

One of the key features you should include in the delivery app is the search and filter option. The customer must be able to categorize the products based on factors such as type of drink, price, etc. 

Place Orders

The app should allow the users to place an order conveniently without exiting it and using their preferred payment method.

Track Orders

Another important feature that you should include is the ability to track orders. The app should provide your customers with an estimated delivery time and real-time status of the order.

Cashless Payment

Cashless payment is now the most convenient way to pay for products and services. So, it would be a mistake not to facilitate the same in your new liquor delivery app.

Order History

Your customers may be specific about their drinks, and they may choose the same drink repeatedly. Hence, it would be smart to include an order history section along with a repeat order feature.

Product Review & Feedback

Finally, you should include a product review & feedback section to allow the customers to review the drinks and your service.

Store App And Dashboard Panel

Apart from the customer app, you would also need a store app with access to a well-built dashboard panel. Furthermore, the store app should also facilitate the basic and advanced features that can help you streamline your business operations. Similar to the customer app, the store app also needs a login capability for the alcohol stores. 

The app should also have advanced managing capabilities. This includes the capacity to manage the drink categories, prices, and earnings. Furthermore, the store owners should be able to view their ratings and reviews. 

Admin Panel

Once you have created a customer and store app, you should turn your attention to the admin panel. This is for the main business owner, and hence there should be an admin login that gives you access to the super admin panel.

The admin panel should be equipped with advanced capabilities that allow you to manage payments, access settings, and more. You should also ensure that the admin panel has superior order and marketing management capability. Additionally, it should also have real-time analytics.


Building a liquor delivery app with all the capabilities listed above and more is not an easy task. With the help of an expert like NewAgeSmb, you can equip your app with all the advanced capabilities and personalize it to suit your unique needs.

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