How to Create a Fitness app for Philly, Philadelphia Women?

19 October, 2020

How to Create a Fitness app for Philly, Philadelphia Women?

Fitness apps are on the most dominant players in the app market today across multiple major platforms, including iOS and Google Play Store. Probably everyone you know has some fitness app on their phone. In fact, many smartphones come with fitness apps pre-installed on them now. There are many reasons why fitness apps are fast gaining popularity. You don't need an instructor; you can set your goals, calculate the calories burned, and many more. Even among fitness apps, one segment seems to be more promising than the others, which is a fitness app for women.

To create an app Philadelphia aimed at women that helps them achieve their fitness goal would be a brilliant idea, especially given the situation we are in right now. As many of us are confined to our homes with little to do, even those who have ignored fitness has taken it up. And a large portion of this is women as they are trying to become as productive as they can while reaping the reward of keeping themselves in shape. It is only natural that you create an app Philadelphia to make the most out of this situation and monetize it. 

So what are the things that you should know as an app developer or prospective entrepreneur before you create an app Philadelphia for women's fitness? In this article, we discuss exactly that.

Steps Involved in Creating a Successful Fitness App for Philadelphia Women

  • Build a Wireframe of Your Idea: Like any other app in the market today, a fitness app, especially one that solely focuses on women, should be purpose-built. Fitness apps can be broadly divided into three categories based on their features. Clearly define what your app can accomplish for its user, and this will help you understand which of the three types your app belongs to. The different fitness apps are Activity Tracking Apps, Nutrition Planning Apps, and finally, Exercise & Workout Apps. In this, activity tracking apps let you track the user's physical activity, whereas nutrition planning apps let monitor and adjust your food habits. Exercise and workout apps let you create a training program, set goals, and even gives you access to a fitness trainer. 

  • Identify the Demand of Your Fitness App for Women: Women's health and, by extension, women's fitness apps were relatively sidelined in the past. But, over the years, its demand has grown exponentially. Women are more and more concerned about maintaining good health and keeping in shape now more than ever. Another factor that you should consider is that women also hold a higher purchasing power, which is all the more reason to perfect an app that can appeal to women and deliver what they need. The more useful features and practical your app has, the higher is its chances to be successful in the market.

  • The Business Model of Your App: There are different ways to monetize your women's fitness app, and you must choose one that is ideal for your unique app based on its features and capabilities. You can use In-app Purchase, which is one of the most popular monetization methods in apps. Apart from this, you could also consider monetization via paid apps, advertisements, or offer free apps that can be upgraded to a premier version later.

  • Market & Competitor Analysis: A proper market and competitor analysis can provide you valuable insights to perfect your app and significantly improve its chance to be successful in the highly competitive market. You can understand the features and capabilities that your app will need to survive and optimize them to thrive in the existing market.

  • Must-Have Features on Women's Fitness App: You need to ensure that your app has all the necessary features that your user may require; failure to do this could be disastrous for your app. Your app should have a login feature that lets them sign in via social media accounts, a user profile to provide the user with a personalized experience. Furthermore, your app should be compatible with fitness trackers, have an activity tracker, and support geolocation capability to provide a better user experience.

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