How to Create a Successful Handyman Mobile App for your Business in Florida?

26 February, 2021

How to Create a Successful Handyman Mobile App for your Business in Florida?

Handyman service apps have become one of the essential on-demand service apps used by pretty much everyone. It has transformed or perhaps even evolved how we deal with house repairs. Anyone who's ever had to hire a handyman to fix a door or a wall or anything else for that matter knows how hard it is to find the right man for the right job. Furthermore, even if you somehow do find the right guy, it is a whole different challenge to get an appointment that suits you and the handyman. The handyman service apps have gained immense popularity throughout the US, especially in states like Florida. When you create an app for handyman services, you are addressing a service required by every household at some point and provide the convenience possible through an app that makes it all the more enticing for the user. The handyman service app makes it possible for the user to easily search for a handyman and book an appointment at a time and date of their convenience. The secret to creating a handyman app in Florida is to equip it with features and functionalities that make booking an appointment a memorable experience for the user. Providing quality service is quintessential for the success of your handyman service business. But, as far as the handyman service app is concerned, there are few things that you can do to ensure that it can compete and succeed in the highly competitive market we have today. In this article, we discuss the necessary features you must include in your handyman service app that can help you create a memorable and convenient user experience on your app.

  • Finding The Right Handyman: Finding the right handyman is not just about finding one that can get the user's particular job done. The key aspect you should keep in mind here is the convenience of the user. Therefore, it is essential that the user can find the handyman that is nearer to them. Furthermore, allow the user to view the handyman's profile with their location, experience, location, and specialization to make an informed decision.

  • Schedule the Service: Another key feature you need to implement on the handyman mobile app is the user's ability to schedule the service at a time and date of his/her convenience. You must also provide the option in your app to easily cancel or reschedule the appointment. Implementing push notifications for this is also preferable.

  • In-App Payment: Allow safe and secure payments through your app. Not only is an in-app payment mode secure, but also convenient for the users. Allow multiple payment methods, including phone wallet, card payments, and net banking options in your app, along with the pay by cash option. Make it a point to enable quick and efficient refunds in case the handyman cancels the appointment.

  • Track Your Handyman: Allow the user to track the handyman once the booking has been confirmed. You must allow the user to see the handyman's real-time location so that they can track how close they are or how soon the handyman would be arriving.

  • In-App Chat Support: In-app chat support is an essential feature for any on-demand app, including the handyman mobile app. This feature enables the user to address minor issues and solve them through chat support. You can either use an automated solution for this or employ a support team. In case the query remains unresolved, allow the user to communicate directly with your support team.

  • Reviews & Ratings: Reviews and ratings allow the user to make an informed decision and also enable you to establish yourself as a reliable business. It is an important part of improving your business and maintaining a good relationship with your customers. Allow the user to rate their specific handyman similar to the ones you can see on Uber.

  • History & Records: Enable your user to access their entire history on the app, including past services rendered, the handyman who carried out these past services, and the amount paid for each service. Similarly, you must also allow the handyman to access the information on the services they have provided with all the relevant details.

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