How to Create an Online Car Dealership Website in New York?

08 October, 2021

How to Create an Online Car Dealership Website in New York?

Nowadays, you can buy everything online, and by everything, we mean everything! You can order groceries or medical equipment, or even cars online. That’s right, even buying something as big as a car can now be done online through an online car dealership website.

In fact, most people now prefer to use an online car dealership website over actually going to the dealership. Hence more and more car dealers now want to create a car dealership website for their business. 

However, most businesses are unsure how they can create a car dealership website in New York. Here, we will explain everything you need to know about creating a website for your car dealership business. 

Essential Features To Include In a Car Dealership Website

Before creating a car dealership website, you must consider the required features and capabilities for effectively serving your customers. Let’s start with the essential elements you need to include in such a website.

Multiple Users And Access Level System

Enable your car dealership website to be accessed by multiple users such as dealers, customers, sales team, and admins. Furthermore, you must also ensure that each of these users has appropriate access levels in accordance with their role and needs.

Search And Filter 

Your website must have the capability to search for different cars using their names, model numbers, and so on. It must also be equipped with a filter that allows the user to narrow down on the car they are looking for based on their preferred color, no: of seats, etc.

Wishlist And Notifications

Equip your website with a wishlist function that allows the user to save and keep track of their favorite car listings. The user should also get notifications when the wishlist cars are listed on your website or when an offer is available.

Attractive Media Gallery

It would be best to implement a stunning gallery that consists of high-quality images and videos of the cars. An excellent visual presentation can go a long way and push your prospects towards conversions. 

Car Compare Feature

Car buyers do their research before finally making a buying decision and comparing cars is an important part of it. Therefore, you must ensure that the customers can easily compare specifications against each other.

Other Features To Include 

Apart from the features listed above, you must also include other additional features on your car dealership website. Some of the other features you should consider are smart inquiry forms, AI chatbots, and diverse payment gateways.

How to Create a Car Dealership Website

Admin Panel

The admin panel of your car dealership website will allow you to modify or change different aspects of your site and manage your business. You can change or modify important data such as user details, accounts, and so on. Furthermore, you should also be able to manage car listings, update information about the cars listed, and manage the entire marketplace conveniently.

Implementation of Essential Features 

We have already listed the essential features you must include on your car dealership website. The major part of creating a car dealership website is ensuring that these features are implemented. To do so, you need the help of an expert like NewAgeSmb with expertise in developing robust websites.

UI Design

The UI of your website can play a vital role in how your customers perceive your business. Hence it is essential that you adopt a stylish automobile UI that aligns with your business and branding. However, you should ensure that the design is clean and straightforward so that it is easy to use for the customers as well as the admin.


Creating a car dealership website is not an easy task. It would be best to consider several things to ensure that you create a superior website for selling cars. This includes ensuring that the website has an attractive media gallery, quality content, and advanced features to push our prospect towards conversion. 

You need the help of a well-experienced developer like NewAgeSmb to accomplish all this. Furthermore, such a developer can also equip your website with a superior admin panel to streamline your business management and related processes.

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