How to Design a Car Wash App like Washe?

22 March, 2021

How to Design a Car Wash App like Washe?

Starting a car wash service in part of The United States can be an intimidating one considering the competition one has to deal with. However, it is not an impossible task especially when there are numerous mobile apps that help in streamlining the business and generating more income. Apps like Washe are considered the best ones in the market for car wash mainly because of the customer base it has. Car wash businesses planning to design an app exclusively for them can use Washe as a reference material in terms of the functionality and aesthetics that makes it popular in the industry. Like Washe, the main aim of any car wash app is to make things more convenient for the customers, which will in turn generate more revenue and increase the brand’s image in the market. As far as the business is concerned, having a mobile app will increase work efficiency, increasing its reach at the same time. Mentioned below are few steps that businesses venturing into car wash services can follow while developing a mobile app for the same.

  • Easy sign in: An app can have effective customer retention only if the first impression that the customer gets is that of an easy and user friendly one. When the signing in process is simple, the customer gets a feeling that he/she is being valued and that the brand is customer friendly. Providing a minimum number of steps for signing in is the most effective way to attract more customers to download the app.
  • Providing different and exciting packages: Who would not be interested in getting a service at discounted rates? Providing timely offers and discounts is not only a method to ensure customer retention but will also increase the customer base. One of the basic features that customers expect from a Car wash service is the option to select from a number of services that the brand offers depending upon the type of the vehicle they use. Categorizing the cars in different groups and providing services suitable for the same will make it simple for the customers to access the app, persuading them to come back and book the services more often.
  • Prior booking: Time is a constraint for everyone and booking the car wash according to a customer’s convenience also helps the business to create a timeline as to which area they will be covering on the days. The options can be made available on the app, which can be selected by the customer according to his/her availability. This can be made further simple by having a secured payment gateway as well in the app so that the customer can make the payment from any location once the car wash is completed even while they are not physically present at the location.
  • Tracking the wash: The app can be provided with features which allow the customer to select from multiple days and time slots. However, not always the timings can be the right or at times the customer might want an urgent clean up. Also, the customer might not be able to be present at the location while the executive is cleaning the car. This problem can be solved by a feature that allows the customers to track the wash, which includes a live update of when did the executive arrive, if the services provided match the ones selected and the time he/she left. This also ensures the safety of the vehicle and builds the customer’s trust on the app.
  • Option for providing reviews and suggestions: A mandatory feature that a car wash app should have, the comments and suggestions should be checked and reviewed on a timely basis and necessary changes must be included so that it is easy to resolve any issues that the customer is facing. This in turn increases the efficiency of the business.
Businesses can only be considered successful when there is a steady growth in its client base. This happens only when the process is planned and well executed one. A car wash service is no different as it has a client base which deals with different people from various age groups having different requirements as well. Designing a car wash app in the United States can be a much easier task if certain basic aspects of the market as well as customer requirements are taken into consideration.

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