How to Design a Laundry Services App? A Guide to App Designers

29 December, 2020

How to Design a Laundry Services App? A Guide to App Designers

One of the most hectic chores of every household would be doing the laundry. Miss one day and it takes eons to come back on track. How about installing an app and forgetting about washing the clothes? From picking up the clothes, to segregating whites and colored ones, removing stains, and delivering the properly washed and ironed clothes to your doorsteps, a laundry service is the need of the hour. This trend has in turn made laundry services apps find its place in the list of On-Demand apps. App designers, however, need to consider a few factors while developing a Laundry services app. Mentioned below are a few tips that can be used as a laundry services app designing guide by app designers of Maryland.

  • Maintaining a proper working cycle is mandatory as it ensures that the clients can book and pay for their clothes to be picked up and delivered back in the time they require. Options for availing other services like dry cleaning, sanitation or even dying can be an added advantage. The working of the laundry app takes place in the  steps such as Order, Pickup, Laundry and Drop-off. 
  • These steps are accomplished by dividing the app into three sections- Customer section, laundry section and delivery section
  • Customer section- This section helps the users to register on the app by providing their personal details like phone number and address and later schedule the pickup as and when necessary. Additions services can also be availed after which the amount for the services is displayed that can be paid through a secured payment gateway. The users can also schedule the delivery of their clothes according to their availability and track their orders. Providing feedback and suggestions helps the service to rectify their flaws and provide optimum service to the clients ensuring customer retention.
  • Laundry section- Controlled by the admin panel, this section contains information about the order like the type of service and cleaning required, order number, delivery date and time and other details. While managing all this information, the admin panel is also responsible for conducting timely surveys and bringing in the necessary updates to the app depending on the survey results and customer feedback.
  • Delivery section- Entire information about the order is received in this section so that the laundry service employees can work accordingly. Confirming the orders is also taken care of in this after analyzing the type of service opted by the client. Delivery date and order tracking system is also taken care of in this section.

Unlike a traditional laundry business that involves considerable financial investment and a large office setup with many employees, a laundry app reduces the time, money and effort that is required for providing a high-quality laundry service.   Laundry service app designers of Maryland are cashing in on this growing trend and have also been successful to an extent. Providing additional services like dry cleaning which a conventional system does not provide also makes it convenient for customers as they can use the app for multiple tasks. A trustworthy service, which provides tracking at each level is an added advantage.

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