How to Develop a Corporate Carpooling App Solution in New York?

17 June, 2022

How to Develop a Corporate Carpooling App Solution in New York?

Are you thinking about developing a corporate carpooling app to streamline the daily commute for your employees? If yes, you are in luck. Because below, we explain how you can develop an ideal corporate carpooling app and the features it needs to ensure a safe and accurate daily commute for your employees.

Easy User Profile Updating

When you develop an app for carpooling, you must ensure that the user can quickly and conveniently update their profile/account. Your carpooling app needs to collect the details from the user during the signup process itself. 

Once you collect and save the data, make sure that the app can auto-fill this data wherever it is redundant. The user profile should contain vital information about the user, such as their name, address, date of birth, etc. 

Furthermore, the user should be free to edit the information they provide to your carpooling app. For example, the employee must have the option to edit an existing address or add a new one with ease.

Real-Time Tracking

Another essential feature you need in your carpooling app is real-time tracking. A high-precision real-time tracking feature is a must for your carpooling app because the user wants to know where their ride is.

The real-time tracking feature enables the user to have a real-time view of the vehicle on a map. The user can see where their ride is located and access other important information, such as the ETA of the ride. It enhances the app's security and reduces wait time for the user.

Favorite Location

When you develop an app in New York, it is always preferable to add a favorite section. It is ideal for enhancing user convenience. This feature applies equally to all types of apps. When it comes to a carpooling app, it must enable the user to mark or save their most frequented locations.

By doing so, it becomes even more convenient to book a carpool service. Furthermore, you should also implement a feature that allows the employee to save their home address. Doing so improves the user experience and provides a hassle-free booking process.

Trip Confirmations And Cancellations

Corporate carpooling often requires employees to travel with colleagues at different times. Hence, to avoid unnecessary confusion, it is best to send a trip confirmation message to the employees. Similarly, the app should allow users to cancel their trips if they want to cancel or are on holiday.

Ride History

When you develop a carpooling app in New York, ensure that it has a ride history feature that allows the user to track their past rides. It makes way for greater transparency and enhances your app's security. Furthermore, you can use the ride history to keep tabs on your employees' travel history and use them in case of any conflicts.


Security is one of the core aspects of your corporate carpooling app. And hence, you must always give top priority to your carpooling app's security. For example, your company may require female employees to travel late at night. In such situations, you need to ensure that they feel safe.

Providing top-notch security features will put your employees' minds at ease and ensure they feel safe traveling using your carpooling service. Implement features and processes that ensure the safety of your employees, such as listing medical and crane emergency services.

Flexible Payment Options

Sometimes corporate carpooling may include financial transactions from the employees sharing the cab. The payment in such situations is often based on the people sharing the car daily, weekly, or even monthly.

If that is the case, you should ensure that your carpooling app is equipped to handle different payment methods. It includes payment via credit/debit cards, online payment gateways, and cash payments. 

Hence, it would be good to have tie-ups with robust payment gateways for your corporate carpooling transactions.


Developing a corporate carpooling app is a great way to streamline the daily commute for your employees. It provides excellent flexibility and security to your employees. The features listed above can help you create a robust carpooling app. However, it would be best if you had the expertise of an app developer like NewAgeSMB to execute these features flawlessly.

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