How to Develop a CRM Strategy for Small Business?

25 September, 2020

How to Develop a CRM Strategy for Small Business?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives businesses the ability to interact with your customers efficiently and manage your business relationships with ease. Any business’s success ultimately depends on its relationship with the customers, a business that can not manage a good relationship with its customers is bound to fail. CRM enables companies of all sizes to optimize their process and establish a long-lasting relationship with their customers. 

Many small businesses have disregarded CRM under the impression that CRM for small business is unnecessary and can be managed without it. What they fail to understand here is that they are practically losing revenue or failing to reach their true revenue potential when they neglect CRM for small business. CRM can be divided into three: operational, collaborative, and analytic.

The operational part focuses on products and services. The collaborative part focuses on communication and direct interactions with the customers. Finally, the analytic part focuses on the analysis of customer data. CRM makes use of all three functional aspects to establish a better relationship with customers by providing a superior overall experience from your small business.

It is clear that a CRM for small business is a must if you intend to grow your business. But how do you come up with the ideal CRM strategy for your business? In this article, we’ll discuss the factors you need to consider to develop a CRM strategy for your small business.


Price is probably the first reason why many small businesses don’t consider employing CRM. However, they fail to consider the ROI (Return On Investment) from the CRM. CRM software usually comes with a monthly fee, and that often turns small businesses away from employing CRM. What you can do, however, is that most of the CRM software comes with free trials. Albeit, this is not a long-term solution, but it does give you a chance to understand what CRM can do for your business and also find the best CRM software for your unique business.

Business Goal

The next thing you need to consider after the price is your business goals and what you wish to accomplish by employing CRM for your business. Figure out the objective of the business as a whole as well as for each department. Ensure that your sales, marketing, and service departments’ requirements are given preference above the rest as CRM enhances their capabilities better than any other. You can use these requirements to find out which CRM is best for your business or cross-check the results after employing a CRM with the business goals you set.

Ability to Grow

The purpose of employing CRM for your business is ultimately for your business’s growth, and using a CRM software that can not keep up with that growth could be counter-productive. Make sure that you pick a CRM software that can adapt and grow with your business or choose one that can at least support your business for a few years. This means that you may start off with a basic plan if they have one, and then upgrade it as you go.


There is a lot of CRM software available in the market, but that does not mean you can pick any of those or the cheapest one you can find. Use a reputed CRM software for your business. This does not necessarily mean costly CRMs. You can make use of user reviews to get a better idea of the software. You can even go through the reviews and ratings given by magazines and social media channels to select the right one for your business.

Ease of Use 

The whole point of CRM is to make business management easier and less time-consuming for you, so make sure that you employ a CRM that is easy to use. Use a CRM that comes with all the functionalities you need but does not overwhelm you with the complex implementation of those functions. 

Customization & Integration

Ensure the CRM you choose is customizable and can integrate with other systems such as Google services and Outlook. This enhances the CRM’s capability, and customization can help you implement new features and functionalities on it.

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