How to Do CASHe like Loan Lending App Development in Philadelphia?

24 March, 2021

How to Do CASHe like Loan Lending App Development in Philadelphia?

Everything that we need to survive today, let it be goods or services, is available online today. You can buy everything through a mobile app now, and we have gone far beyond perishable and non-perishable goods. Today even services such as banking and healthcare are a part of the digital landscape. This has made life easier for everyone because everything is more organized, and the transactions are punctual through the digital medium. One such mobile that is particularly gaining popularity now is the loan lending apps like CASHe.

The scope of a loan lending app development in Philadelphia is especially high owing to the fact a lot of queries for loans come from Philadelphia. However, app development for a loan lending business is as complicated as it sounds because to provide such a serious service through your mobile is easier said than done. As far as your customers are concerned, a loan lending app means no more long queues and numerous visits to the bank. 

With an advanced loan lending app, the user does not have to go to the bank even once to borrow money. Some would even say that this is a dream come true. This article discusses how you can build an app like CASHe for your loan lending services and everything you need to know in between.

Desired Features to Include in Loan Lending App

  1. Push Notifications: Equip your loan lending app with a push notification capability. This will allow the user to get notified about your business's latest activities/offers and check their remaining EMI amount. You can even equip a reminder for the EMO payments through push notifications.

  2. Virtual Support: Have a virtual support team ready to support your customers at all times who can talk with them and get all their required information. This way, the user can easily get information regarding his/her loans, loan transactions, and more.

  3. Bank Partner Management: With a bank partner feature, you can enable your loan lending app to work along with its collaborated bank and enhance the user's convenience by streamlining the dataflow between every touchpoint.

  4. Admin Dashboard: The admin dashboard of your loan lending app must be equipped with all necessary features for the smooth functioning of your business. This includes real-time analytics, transaction tracking, money tracking (money lent, interest, etc.)

  5. Cloud Storage Integration: When it comes to financial services, the user's data and privacy are of vital importance, and it is up to the app owner to keep this data safe and secure. The best solution for this is to invest in a well-integrated cloud storage system.

  6. Chatbot: Chatbots are a sure-shot way of ensuring that there is always someone to respond to your customers no matter what the time it is. Ensure that the chatbot can answer simple queries and enable access to your customer care executives in case their query is a complicated one.

  7. Loan calculator: Try to implement an advanced and accurate loan calculator in your mobile app because it is one of the most desired features in a loan lending app. In fact, there is a good possibility that at least some users would buy/use the app just so that they can access the loan calculator.

  8. Advanced Analytics: Your loan lending app should also make room for advanced analytics capability that lets the user know real-time reports of their app. The information can further be used to find what features are working in favor of your business and what is not.

  9. Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Capability: Given that your target audience is anyone who needs to borrow money, your audience can be practically anyone. You must allow your users to use the app in their preferred language and provide apt support for them as well. The same goes for currency because when it comes to money, people often want to be well-informed about their transactions.

  10. CMS integration: With the integration of reliable CMS software, you can easily manage the content on your loan lending app and have it optimized for your target audience.

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