How to Get App Store Approval? Tips for App Developers in NJ

14 November, 2020

How to Get App Store Approval? Tips for App Developers in NJ

Developers are often caught up in making the most advanced app for a brilliant idea that they often make the mistake of taking into account the approval process that their app needs to go through. For any app to be admitted by Apple's App Store, it needs to pass the store's scrutiny, and the chance of your app getting rejected is very real. App developers NJ must make it a point to have their apps prepared for App Store approval. 

Preparing a mobile app equipped with all features and functionalities, only to have it redone because it didn't pass the standard approval process, would mean losing valuable time and effort. However, app companies NJ can easily avoid this if they can come up with the right strategy. A strategy that lets them create mobile apps that accomplishes everything the App Store requires. In this article, we discuss how app companies NJ can create mobile apps that are sure to be loved by the App Store.

  1. Learn From Past Mistakes: The easiest and most reliable place to start if you want your app to be prepared for the App Store approval process is finding the mistakes you yourself or your fellow developers have made over the years. Learning from real situations and problems sheds light on the more practical and commonly seen issues for getting the App Store approval.
  2. Draw Inspiration From Similar Apps: The easiest way to ensure that your app satisfies all Apple's AppStore requires to refer to apps already on the store similar to the one you are developing. Explore the apps in your genre and make a note of all the features and functionalities you find on them. This will help you come up with the ideal requirement for your app.
  3. Stick to the Bare Essentials: It is understandable for developers to have the urge to fix their app with advanced features to the point that they practically stuff the app with numerous features. The safest way to do it is to stick to the basics and make your app easy to navigate. You can always add more features to the app updates.
  4. Good Quality Assurance (QA) Process: Maintaining a good QO or Quality Assurance is a must for app developers, especially if you intend to put it online on a platform like Apple's App Store. You need to carry out all the necessary tests to ensure that your app works properly and is up to the standards.
  5. Write a Detailed Description: Users often depend on the content you have provided on the app store to judge your app and decide whether it is the one they need. The content referred to here is your app description. Make your app description detailed enough to convey all its features and advantages over the competition.
  6. Religiously Follow Apple's App Store Directives: Apple makes its policies and guidelines crystal clear, and hence reviewing them and checking whether your app is ready for review is made easy. Make it a point that you follow the guidelines religiously unless you want your app to get rejected by the app store.
  7. Be Friendly and Considerate During The Review: The review process itself can be very unnerving for the developers to have their app dissected and criticized. But, no matter what, make sure that you take any and all suggestions or comments in a constructive way. Being kind and friendly to the review members or anyone you come into contact with along the way can only help your cause.
  8. Reevaluate, Fix Bugs, and Reapply: Despite putting in your best efforts, it is still possible for your app to get rejected. In this case, do not get frustrated. All you have to do is reevaluate your apps for any mistakes that you may have missed. Correct anything you may have done wrong and reapply. You can also write a friendly letter to the approval team and request the reason for your app's disapproval if need be. Most importantly, be persistent about it strives to optimize the app until you get the desired result.

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