Importance of App Marketing when Creating an App in Maryland

07 October, 2020

Importance of App Marketing when Creating an App in Maryland

The biggest mistake you can make while creating an app Maryland is to believe that once you’ve built an app that can rival the competition with its advanced features and superior user experience. The fact is no matter how good your app is or how revolutionary your idea, it can not succeed if it fails to reach the people and, more specifically, your target audience. With the help of the right app developer for creating an app Maryland, you can realize your dream app, but what decides whether it’ll be a successful one or not is app marketing.
  • Standing Out in an Ocean of Apps: The primary reason you need to invest in App Marketing is the sheer number of available apps for the average user in the market today. The Apple App store alone offers over one million apps that can be used on various Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And it’s even more competitive when you come to Android, as they house over 950,000 downloadable apps through the Google Play store. If your app needs to be successful or at least thrive in this market, you need to offer your target audience something more than what your competitors can. And merely having the upper hand in that aspect is not enough. Your target audience needs to be made aware of this offering and be driven to your app to get it. Even if you are on a budget, it is quintessential that you market your app to as many people as possible.
  • Investing in App Marketing: The more people you can get to notice your app and use it, the more money you earn, and when it comes to marketing, your returns are more often than not proportional to the money you invest. With proper marketing, your target audience will not only be aware of your app before it is even launched, but you can also keep them on their toes and make them wait. That is the power of marketing that many fail to achieve. 
  • Incentive-Driven Marketing Strategy: Perhaps the most effective marketing strategies are the ones that make users do the marketing part while the app owner lays back and reap the rewards. This is where an incentive-driven marketing strategy comes into the picture. Incentive-driven marketing strategy, as the name suggests extending incentives to the user for using your app. The incentive you provide could be anything from discount vouchers to mere convenience. One of the latest examples of this can be seen in the way Starbucks has implemented its app. Using the Starbucks app appeals to the user because it offered the most convenient way to make payments, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To increase user engagement with the app, they implemented a point system that enabled the user to accumulate points every time he spends money at a Starbucks. The points are then redeemable at their outlets, which is a win-win for the company by the end of the day.
  • Bridging The Gap Between Physical & Online Stores: In case you run a business with a brick and mortar store, you may be able to make use of the full potential of app marketing. Strategies like this can only achieve its full potential if a business has adopted an omnichannel approach, which basically involves providing a streamlined user experience across different channels. In this case, the different channels involved are your physical and online stores. To put things in perspective, let’s consider the example of Diesel’s QR codes. Diesel implemented a QR-code hunting strategy, which rewarded the customers for looking up details of their products online. This brought in traffic, which is not limited to the online spectrum, and streamlined their marketing process. 
  • Conclusion: It is high time that app marketing is not a separate process anymore. It is an integral process when it comes to creating an app Maryland. You can no longer afford not to invest in App Marketing because a failure to do means you are flushing money down the drain by creating an app without marketing it. 

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