Is Your App Siri Compatible?

20 April, 2017

Is Your App Siri Compatible?

With Apple’s personal assistant, Siri now available for access by third party iOS apps, it is easier to lure more customers towards your app. The SiriKit development framework now allows integrating app with Siri.

iOS 10 has offered the service for certain types of apps and Siri helps in establishing your app’s services and function with voice.

Does your app support Siri?

Your app is compatible with Siri if it is in one of the following categories:

  • Messaging apps
  • Photo library apps
  • Payment apps
  • Ride sharing apps
  • Climate control and radio apps

How does it work?

Apps can adopt SiriKit by creating an extension which can communicate with Siri. Once set up, the interactions can take place even when the apps are not running. Siri can then handle all user requests after registering with the specific domains.

How does it benefit your app?

Voice based interfaces has the promise of being the next ‘it’ in the industry. An integration with Siri can bring your app to forefront with customer preference.

Siri does not need any installation or set up from the user’s side. Once your app is installed, Siri can be summoned to do the task at hand.

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