Key Features to Consider While Making a Mobile Banking App in Philadelphia

25 February, 2022

Key Features to Consider While Making a Mobile Banking App in Philadelphia

Banking apps have become an essential feature for the modern-day man, and it is here to stay a long time. However, many app developers and banking businesses still have trouble deciding on the key features they should have on the app.

Some worry that they are not implementing enough features and capabilities to their app. Others feel that they may have overstuffed the app with unnecessary features. 

Here, we will help you identify the key features you can include in a banking app and the customized features to enhance the app's customer experience.

When it comes to mobile banking apps, there are three core features to consider, and they are:

  • Account Management.
  • Quick Transactions.
  • Customer Service Access.

Account Management

Account management features are at the core of every successful mobile banking app. Some of the significant account management features you should consider when you make an app are as follows:

Check Account Balance The account holder or customer should have the option to check their account balance. Ensure that the information you show the customer is consistent across your app and website.

Card/Bank Account Monitoring & Management The customer should have the option to monitor and manage their cards and bank accounts through the app. It means the app should let the customer apply for new cards, cancel a card, close an account, and more.

See Account Transactions Another must-have account management feature is the ability for the customer to access their transaction history. This way, the customer can easily keep track of their expenses and plan their spending.

Track Deposit The app should be able to show deposit interest and its present condition. Therefore, it is one of the necessary features you must include when you make an app in Philadelphia.

Quick Transactions

Quick transactions features are also essential features you must consider when you make a mobile banking app in Philadelphia. It enables the customers to have fast and convenient transaction ability. 

The customer should be able to transfer the money in their account to another account with delays or lengthy procedures. Implement a mobile payment feature via your banking app through a system connected to the bank's servers.  

The app won't actually process the payment information, but it will reflect the transactions accurately. For example, suppose you partner with a bank for the app and charge some form of transaction fee. 

In that case, the customer must be warned about the possible additional charges before making any transaction.

Customer Service Access

Quality customer service is necessary for the success of any commercial app in the market, and the same goes for mobile banking apps. Therefore, consider implementing features such as: 

  • Chatbots.
  • Messenger support.
  • 24/7 Hotline.
Creating a chatbot for your mobile banking app may require a separate development process. It involves finding the FAQs the customer may ask the chatbot and preparing easily comprehensible answers for the same.

However, an investment in chatbots can be advantageous, and hence, we suggest that you implement them even if it requires extra effort. 

Other Mobile Banking App Features 

Although the core features take care of all the customer's basic requirements, it does not cover everything. Some of the additional features you should include in the banking app for a better customer experience are as follows:

  • Customer Onboarding
  • Secure Authentication
  • Push Notification
  • Access ATM & Branch Locations
  • QR Code Payments

Customized Features Mobile Banking Apps

You can also include more advanced and customized features on your mobile banking app, such as:

  • Spending Tracker
  • Monthly Repeat Payments
  • Investment Feature
  • Cashback Feature
  • Special Offers
  • Google Play/Apple Pay Integration
  • Split Bills
  • Biometric Security


Developing a banking app can be challenging for app developers because it requires advanced security and customer support features. However, if you can implement attractive features like the ones discussed above, you can conveniently enable your customers to access your banking services.

Customers continuously seek convenience over anything else. Hence, as long as you can provide them with a secure and convenient way to transact money over your app, it can succeed in the market. Reputed app developers like NewAgeSMB can make your dream app a reality with superior customized features.

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