Key Points for BLE App Development in NJ, New Jersey

13 September, 2020

Key Points for BLE App Development in NJ, New Jersey

“Mobile (applications) is becoming not only the new digital hub but also the bridge to the physical world. That is why it affects more than just your digital operations — it can transform your entire business.”   -Thomas Hudson

The initial application development was meant to create applications that fulfilled the user's needs digitally, but the mobile app development industry has progressed further beyond the digital world. It indeed is a bridge that connects the digital world to the physical world. Applications are capable of initiating a lot of physical actions making human lives easy. The hottest cake on the automation app development plate is the IoT arena. IoT, as we know, has a lot of applications, but to enable IoT, devices use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). 

New Jersey has been lately seen as the home of many app companies, which makes the app development in NJ a competitive industry. New Jersey is also a hub where industries like healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, transportation, and logistics meet. The application of BLE in each of these industries is beyond what one can count. So, the flag has been raised starting the race of BLE app development in NJ

 Let us go through some point BLE app developers should keep in mind:

Answer before Questions

For a new user, applications that stand out from the digital world might seem a bit intimidating. This is a subject that needs to be closely identified. Especially in a province like New Jersey, where there is a huge number of elderly people using applications that automate various devices around them, application configuration shouldn’t be the factor that is pulling them back from using the application.  Before the questions are asked, it's better to tell the users where to start from. Configuration can be made hassle-free with the help of images and videos. As we all know, images and videos are more convenient contents that guide through the setup process and will give users a welcoming experience.

Informed Interchange of Information

Applications that interact with the real time world are often worked on the foundation of interchange of information with the users. For ideal performance of a BLE application there will be a lot of information that must be gathered from the user’s device.  For this the user must grant some permissions. It is necessary for the applications to ask permission from the user and let the user know what is the purpose of the information that the application receives through that particular permission. This point is important as it acknowledges the user the purpose of the information the application has taken from the permission one has provided.

Nothing Left Untouched

As mentioned earlier, for an average citizen such apps might be a little intimidating, this factor can be eradicated if the application touches every corner of its room. The working of these applications is also dependent on devices that support this technology. If there aren’t any devices nearby, the application should be able to tell the user what step he/she will take to find a device. 

Often with these applications, users might reach situations where they find themselves to be in at a dead end. Where some additional help might be very much appreciated. Solutions to such situations should be met adequately. The Whats, Wheres, and Hows should be answered at all times. This provides users with the feeling of a helping hand always present throughout the application. 

Devices also play a vital role, hence the updates the devices require should also be told to the user on time by the application. Additional features can be added to the application with the help of an update and hence it is inevitable.

Ready, TEST, Go! 

Due to the variety of aspects, BLE applications should be tested in various devices that perform similar tasks before its release. User in-hand testing is also very important in BLE app development. How different users and devices respond to the application decides the durability of your application in the market. Rushing the release of an application can often cause issues that will create a hard time for the developers to clear out. 

In conclusion, the sustainability of these applications is measured on the scale of user experiences. So, the starting point of the brainstorming process should be methodologies to make the application as user friendly as possible. BLE applications have the ability to enable various non-contact actions that are very much required in 2020. With respect to the pandemic, businesses should understand the change such applications can bring in their province. The industry of app development in NJ should focus their minds mainly on such progressive application’s development keeping such points in mind.

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