Key Points to Look Over While Developing a Marketplace App in New York

07 June, 2022

Key Points to Look Over While Developing a Marketplace App in New York

Marketplace apps are taking the market by storm, and the early bird gets the worm. Are you thinking about building a marketplace app? If yes, this article will help you understand the essential points you need to think over before you start working on the app.

#1 Define The Type And Monetization Model For Your Marketplace

Before you can jump into the development part of your marketplace app, you need to define the type of marketplace you wish to build and pick a monetization model for it. You can categorize marketplace apps into different categories based on the audience types and merchandise you provide the customers. 

It means you need to define what type of audience you will focus on and it includes the following groups 

  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Business-to-Customer
  • Business-to Business focused 
The categorization based on merchandise includes marketplaces for goods, services, and even a hybrid of the two. When it comes to monetization of the marketplace app, you can consider: 

  • Commission based on transactions
  • Subscription-based apps
  • Charges os additional fee for new listings 

#2 Decide The Key Features For The Sellers

Another critical point that you should keep in mind when you develop an app for a marketplace idea is deciding on the features accessible to the sellers. Unlike a business that sells its products, the marketplace uses a bunch of different sellers. 

You must provide features that make it easier for the seller to list their products and get profit from your app. Some of the features you can consider for the seller when you develop an app in New York are:

  • Stock and order management.
  • Transaction management.
  • Ability to provide offers, discounts, etc.
  • Statistics and analytics tools
  • And more.

#3 Decide The Key Features For The Buyers

The essential features are entirely different for the customer or buyer. The features for the buyer side of your marketplace app need to be intuitive and user-friendly. Furthermore, you must also make support and security a priority when you develop a marketplace app in New York

Some of the features you can include for the buyer side of your app are 

  • Advanced search engine with multiple filters.
  • Rating and review for sellers and their products/services.
  • Wishlist.
  • Easy order tracking.
  • Convenient return policy.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • And more.

#4 Keep Your Focus On The App’s UI/UX

The UI/UX aspect of the app is crucial, and you must never underestimate its significance. Users appreciate beauty and elegance in their mobile apps. Hence, developing a marketplace app that appeals to the target audience and aligns with your business goals is critical. 

Generally, the best approach is to create an MVP of your app. In addition to that, you must ensure that the UI/UX is stylish, contemporary, and offers a seamless experience to the users.

#5 Employ The Appropriate Tech Tools

Choosing and employing the appropriate tech tools for your marketplace app is not easy. However, here are some helpful tech tools that usually come in handy when developing a marketplace app.

  • Nest.js and next.js (for web apps)
  • PostgreSQL and MongoDB (for databases)

#6 Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVP development is vital to understanding how your app looks and works in real-life. In other words, the MVP helps you understand the challenges you are likely to face during the full-scale product development. You can also use the MVP to get valuable feedback from the target audience and figure out ways to improve your app.

#7 Expand Your Reach And Provide Good Support

Your marketplace is not worth much if it can only reach and serve a limited target audience. Hence, it is vital to invest in a good marketing strategy that helps you enhance the reach of your app. 

It also means making your app available on various platforms, including Apple’s iOS and Google Playstore. In addition to this, ensure your business offers a reliable maintenance and support system for your buyers and sellers.


Only an expert developer can understand which tech tools work best for your unique business requirements. Hence, if you want to develop a successful marketplace app, you should consider employing an expert developer like NewAgeSMB.

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