Key Points to Look Over While Developing Cannabis App

15 December, 2021

Key Points to Look Over While Developing Cannabis App

Have you ever thought to develop an app for selling cannabis products? Well, if you have, this is the right time to turn that thought into action, with the cannabis industry growing at a never-before-seen rate. 

So, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch user attention and succeed in the highly competitive market. Below we list some of the critical points that you need to look out for before you can develop a cannabis app.

Legal Requirements

One thing that sets apart the cannabis industry from the others is that many federal and state regulations restrict it. Any cannabis app that does not meet these regulatory standards is bound to fail. 

The best way to ensure that you are taking the proper steps is to get legal advice. Furthermore, you can also get help from the National Cannabis Industry Association web page to ensure that you are on the right track.

Cannabis Inventory

Like any other business, your cannabis business needs to provide its customers with a wide range of product choices. Make sure that the customers can easily find the product they are looking for by providing an advanced search filter. 

Convenient Ordering System

Your cannabis app should allow your customer to place orders directly from the cannabis app. Furthermore, your ordering system should also enable the customers to access existing and past order details. Users should also be able to track their orders with an in-app functionality.

Real-Time Tracking

The user and the business owner can benefit from a real-time tracking capability. It means the users can track their orders while the business owner can keep track of their convoys and distribution system. 

Payment Gateway Integration

An easy and convenient payment option is a must-have for every online business. Flexible payment methods allow the user to make payments according to their convenience. However, not all payment gateways allow integration with the cannabis app as it is a high-risk industry. Some of the popular choices when it comes to payment gateways for Cannabis apps include:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayPal


Chatbots provide an easy and convenient way for your customers to get in touch with your business without having to wait indefinitely for a response. Hence, you should include a chatbot when developing an app for your cannabis business. However, the chatbot capabilities are limited, and you can not substitute your customer service with it.

Information-Driven Cannabis App

The cannabis market today is a highly-established one, and it means there are many options available to the customers now. New strains of marijuana worldwide are making their way to the US cannabis market.

However, distinguishing cannabis products can be challenging for a typical user. Therefore, the cannabis app should take a more information-driven approach so that the user knows what they are buying. Include more details about the cannabis product, such as the optimal amount of consumption, cannabis cleansing, and so on. 

Sell A Variety Of Cannabis Products

There are practically hundreds or maybe even thousands of cannabis products available in the market today. Hence, limiting your cannabis business to just marijuana buds would be a bad business move. 

Furthermore, many states are still unclear about the type of cannabis products you can sell legally. Selling various cannabis products enables you to capture a wider audience for your business. Some of the cannabis products that you can consider selling on your cannabis app include:

  • CBD products
  • Cannabis capsules
  • Cannabis-based vaporizers and oil
  • Hemp products

Additional Cannabis App Ideas You Should Consider

Cannabis apps work best when you can create an online ecosystem that can complement each other. You must not limit your cannabis business to a single platform and diversify your business operations some of the ways you can do this include the following points:
  • On-Demand Cannabis Supply/Delivery App
  • Cannabis website
  • Cannabis Community On Social Networks


The cannabis industry is growing every day. Cannabis apps are quickly becoming one of the most desirable ways to conduct the cannabis business. Hence, cannabis businesses need to develop a cannabis app to catch a wider audience and generate more revenue. The guidelines provided here can help you create a revenue-driving cannabis app for your business.

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