Know the Market Before Designing a Food Delivery App in New York

04 May, 2021

Know the Market Before Designing a Food Delivery App in New York

In today’s time where hustling is the norm, people all over the world are too busy at work and home to find time to cook day-day meals. This is exactly when food delivery apps come to the rescue. Over the past few years, delivering freshly cooked meals to the doorstep using an app has become extremely popular due to its ease of use, affordability, and variety.

People prefer ordering in rather than cooking at home after a long day of work. These apps have largely increased the variety of food they provide due to the expanded customer base. Food delivery apps are a genie’s lamp in the 21st century without a doubt.

Another thing about this industry is that it is extremely competitive, to survive amongst established giants such as Zomato, Deliveroo, UberEats, newcomers need to know their market thoroughly and come up with something innovative that customers haven’t seen before. Although this sounds impossible, it isn’t with time and effort, it truly is an exciting process to design a food delivery app.

So let us look into a few things that go into designing an on-demand food delivery app: 

Understand the market in detail

Before designing an app that delivers food to customer’s doorstep, companies need to understand the market in all its glory. This means that the company should forecast profits, overall revenue, understand existing and upcoming competition and understand customer mindset. Doing this will give the company an upper hand in the market and ensure that they are prepared for any risks and bottlenecks during the journey. Knowing your market is also crucial to predict future trends and understand customer demands.

Deciding the business model: 

After understanding the market while designing an app in New York or anywhere in the world that delivers food on-demand, the next thing that companies need to do is decide on the business model of the app. The two business models that companies can choose from according to market and customer needs are:
  • Restaurant to customer model: The restaurant directly connects to the customer in this model.
  • Platform to customer model: In this case, a platform connects the customer to the restaurant. i.e. the customer orders food from the platform and the platform confirms the order with the restaurant. 

App features and functions:

Knowing your market while designing a food delivery app in New York or anywhere in the world means knowing what your customers expect from the app. The food delivery app must include all features that make customer's lives easier and the overall experience of ordering food online, rewarding. The user must be kept at the center while developing the app. Therefore a few features that will attract users are as follows:
  • Registration.
  • Recommendation lists.
  • Home page preferences.
  • Order placement/tracking.
  • Payment gateways.
  • Push notifications.
  • Review options. 

Updating the app according to the market situation: 

Knowing the market means knowing that the world keeps changing and with that, the people and markets also change. And so, the food delivery apps must be updated according to the market situation. This will keep the app relevant and user-friendly no matter what the situation. An example of this can be the current coronavirus outbreak, food delivery apps changed drastically to ensure customer safety and happiness, features such as contactless delivery, sanitized products, working remotely, and online payments were added. Changing and updating the app look from time to time means ensuring that customers remain loyal to the app even if situations change. 

Testing the app beforehand: 

To thoroughly ensure that the app meets the market needs, the app needs to be tested before the final launch into the market. The testing of the app will help the company understand whether the USP of the app is successful in the market and whether customers can use the app without any hassle. After testing, the company will also be able to fix any bugs beforehand and ensure that the launch is successful.

In conclusion, we can understand that food delivery will only continue to grow because they bring a smile to customer’s faces on busy days as it provides freshly cooked meals that satisfy customers. This market will grow dramatically in the next 10 years and if you are moving to the industry keep customers in the center and remember that when it comes to food, there should be no compromises. 

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