M-commerce enjoying Supremacy over E-commerce due to Cutting-edge Mobile Apps Development

25 March, 2019

M-commerce enjoying Supremacy over E-commerce due to Cutting-edge Mobile Apps Development

The online commerce by embracing the cutting-edge technologies has set the world on fire but with the sudden outgrowth of the mobile devices has taken the e-commerce world by storm. Ample of benefits and wide acceptance of mobile apps is the reason behind M-commerce is taking over the traditional e-commerce and is projected to bring huge revenue globally. Mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular with the growing craze and increasing trend of doing everything on mobile while on-the-go. With the people's habit of doing everything at the fingertips, there has been a rapid shift to M-commerce. The global m-commerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 27% by 2020. Today majority of the retailers in Florida as well as other parts of the US are going mobile way due to the changing customer's habit in terms of buying decision and researching for the product.

Factors that are encouraging retailers to carry out businesses by creating mobile apps in Florida include:

Instant Shopping Facility - Today customers enjoy shopping through a well-designed user-friendly mobile app, as they do not need to compulsorily sit on the desktop to access the online store. Besides, mobile apps also load faster than the websites, as apps alleviate the needs to pull the data from the server for user's every request. Thus, businesses are preferring to create mobile apps so that customers can unhindered used to give boost to the impulsive shopping. There has been a significant rise in the annual business carried out with mobile apps clearly indicating the m-commerce business is driving the sales up.

Shopping is done with just a click - With mobile apps loading faster than the websites and with the feature of working offline, the user's activities and interaction with the store accelerates. Though E-commerce stores provide real-time assistant with real-time chat or through toll-free numbers but due to verification required and due to complexity to provide a solution takes time. Thus, due to delayed response E-commerce businesses are losing out to M-commerce businesses. With mobile apps users can get connected with the support team in a single click and even the customer-support team have all the essential details of the users to easily find the solution if they get stuck anywhere.

Increase ROI - Enterprises enjoy double benefits by creating mobile apps for their business, first the maintenance and support cost of the app development in Florida are less expensive and second when social media integration is done in the mobile, the need of social media marketing considerably reduces thereby trimming the cost involved with marketing.

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