Mobile App Development Features that will Trend in NYC in 2019

28 May, 2019

Mobile App Development Features that will Trend in NYC in 2019

With people shifting from surfing the internet on the desktop to smartphones has put mobile app development companies on the rise and they are increasingly tasked with the duty of creating apps for diverse companies and organizations. According to the international digital report, there are more than 5 billion smartphone users worldwide indicating that mobile app development is a trend that is going to stay. With the smartphone users increasing, the need for a wide range of mobile apps has also increased and the mobile app development companies of New York are assigned to create apps for diverse businesses in order to meet up with the trend.

Today the market is flooded with array of mobile apps like messaging apps, hotel booking apps, cabs booking apps, food ordering apps, shopping apps, which are greatly easing the life of people and thereby generating huge revenues for businesses in New York. The mobile app development market in the year 2018 was busy with significant developments and rise in the demand for mobile apps and businesses are quite keenly interested in knowing the mobile application development trends in the year 2019. The latest mobile application development trends that will be hugely popular in New York in the year 2019 are:

Internet of Things - The tremendous growth of the IoT has allowed a wide variety of devices through smartphones possible. Now a number of smart devices can get connected through software and sensors within a network to facilitate the exchange of data and execute predetermined functions. Mobile app development in the year 2019 is expected to leverage upon the application of IoT to create high performance mobile apps that will speed up operations, reduce expenses and boost cyber-security.

Instant Apps – Apps are usually developed for user convenience and instant apps perfectly caters to this requirement. Introduced by Google in the year 2016, Instant apps are becoming more popular day by day. It is a native mobile application that does not required to be downloaded and installed on a mobile device due to their small size and this app offers the primary functionalities of a website without consuming phone memory or restricting its RAM. In the year 2019, more and more instant apps are going to come up.

Chat-bots Application – Due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, organizations are now able to integrate chat-bots into their react native app development in New York in order to make their apps more functional. Chat-bots are known for offering self-service and personalized responses to customers and users' queries in real-time. Chat-bot is a latest trend to expect in mobile app development in the NYC market in 2019.

Payment Gateways – With most businesses becoming mobile compliant, they have to integrate payment gateways like PayPal, and Amazon Pay or others that have secure encryption in 2019, as customers prefer safe payments methods in apps. The mobile wallets are expected to join the trend and hence apps with this feature will be preferred by majority of businesses.

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