Must Have Features E-Commerce App Companies in Philadelphia should Know

26 October, 2020

Must Have Features E-Commerce App Companies in Philadelphia should Know

The best way to attract more customers and generate income for e-commerce businesses is to create an app. E- commerce apps not only help in increasing the sales but also ensures that the customers are loyal to the brand, thereby securing the fate of a business in the market. However, there are certain features like increased customer engagement and high-quality customer experience that need to be strictly followed by every E-Commerce app developer, which increases the usability of the app, making it easily accessible by every Smartphone user. Mentioned below are few features that E- commerce app companies in Philadelphia should keep in mind while developing an app.

Simple Registration Process: While the entire world is going paperless and people having very little time to spend on filing up long registration forms, especially on mobile app sign-ups, too many fields to fill out is a frustrating task. It is very important for app companies in Philadelphia to ensure that the registration process completes in a maximum of five steps or else people will not bother using the app.  If they already hold an account with a particular enterprise’s website, app registration should be limited to a simple login. Once a user signs up, he/she expects the app to remember them and therefore, saving the information for future visits makes the user experience extremely easy. 

Offline availability: People these days are so used to having high-speed internet on their phones that it is frustrating for the users when an app stops functioning in the absence of the network or due to weak signal. The app developers should therefore, consider making apps that will also work offline, leading to an unobstructed user experience. Offline availability for E-Commerce apps is thus an effective way to make them popular among the section of users who may not always have access to the internet and might have to deal with frequent signal interruptions.  Offline features might not enable purchasing of products; however, Items can be saved for later use. 

Sending Push notifications: Despite using the app on a frequent basis it is not necessary that the users are aware of the new offers, discounts or even updates that the app will undergo. Here comes the use of push notifications that can be used as the most effective marketing campaign. As the users will get timely information about the product updates, discounts, promotions, and other offers, their engagement with the app also increases. Push notifications are considered more effective than email marketing campaigns as it is more appealing and the users get to know about a flash sale or an exciting offer  without any delay.

Simple Navigation: One of the vital things to consider when transitioning from an E-commerce website to an app is the content and screen size. As the major constraint with mobile screens is the limited space the app developers should ensure that the design of the app is simple and the layout doesn’t look cramped up. Only then will the navigation be made easy and seamless.

Multiple payment options: The E-Commerce payment system is one that has diverse options with extremely easy and precise payment modes being added on a daily basis. The E-commerce app companies in Philadelphia should therefore ensure that the payment gateway of the app that they design is well equipped to contain different payment options like Google Pay, PayPal, Paytm and others in addition to debit cards and credit cards. The payment provider should also be designated accordingly.

While these are only the few features that the users look up to in any E-commerce app, customized user experience is a mandatory feature that can make apps popular, thereby increasing the brand value of a business in the market. By easily incorporating features like personalized account settings according to the features of the smart phones, personalized marketing is an aspect that E-commerce apps are providing these days.

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