Must Have Features if You Need an E-commerce Website for your CBD Business

28 June, 2021

Must Have Features if You Need an E-commerce Website for your CBD Business

CBD-infused products have grown in demand over the past few years and every entrepreneur is trying to turn this demand into an extremely profitable business. Before getting into detail on the increased upcoming e-commerce websites for your CBD businesses, let us understand what CBD-infused products are.

According to, CBD stands for cannabidiol — one of the dozens of cannabinoids that don’t have a psychoactive effect but rather is believed to help with diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression, and pain mitigation. It is now being included and used in lots of industries, from the medical and pharmaceutical industries to health, wellness, and even food. Over time, the CBD market is predicted to grow at a fast rate.

And so, if you are planning to set up a business in this industry, or wish to expand your existing CBD business, creating an e-commerce website for your CBD business is the right move to make as it is the best way to generate revenue and reach customers in today's digital world. 

In order to stand out and provide unique CBD products through your website, here are some must-have features that you need to include on your website:

The website must be easy to use:  Research has proved that customers continue to use the website if it is user-friendly and convenient. Therefore, it is crucial that CBD businesses ensure that their website is simple and easy to comprehend, the website must focus on providing the customers exactly what they are looking for quickly. Since CBD-infused products are still an upcoming thing, the website must portray features that help customers be extra sure of their choice. The website can include easy payment options, visual navigation, and various categories to make the overall experience easy and foolproof.

 Include customer helplines and FAQ: Another feature companies should keep in mind while creating an e-commerce website for their CBD businesses is to include customer helplines and frequently asked questions regarding the product. These features will ensure that customers are not confused and have a clear picture of what they are purchasing. The FAQ section will allow customers to understand the effectiveness and proper usage of the product along with safety precautions. This feature will also build brand confidence amongst customers so that trust is established between the buyer and the seller.

Subscription services: Customers can choose to subscribe to the e-commerce website to avail premium services such as discount codes and membership rewards. Subscription services will grab consumer attention and also track customer preferences from time to time. These services will also market the website to the customer and keep them updated on new CBD product arrivals for health, wellness, food, etc. 

Customer ratings and feedback: As mentioned earlier, CBD-infused products are still new in the market, and in order to establish loyalty and trust amongst customers towards your products, the website needs to include a ‘customer feedback section’ where previous customers are allowed to write and rate their experience with the product. This section will encourage other customers to try out the product and also remind them that they can make a choice based on their needs.

Order tracking: A feature that ensures that customers are informed about their order is order status/tracking. Once the customer has checked out and made the payment, it is important that they are constantly informed about the product’s whereabouts till the time the product reaches their doorstep. This helps customers understand the quality assurance, where the product is coming from, the safety protocols followed. This increases the website’s overall efficiency and makes it more trustworthy amongst current and potential customers. 

Lastly, we can come to the conclusion that CBD businesses are slowly but surely becoming a large part of healthcare, food and pharmaceutical businesses and generate a fair amount of revenue regularly. Even though starting an e-commerce website for a CBD business seems quite challenging due to legal restrictions, it can still grow and prosper if you pay attention to the quality assurance, product certifications, and legal laws in your country or state. By following these mentioned rules, your business can reach customers in need and provide the best quality CBD products and services without the risk of failure. 

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