Native React Mobile App Development Vs Hybrid Mobile App Development

13 March, 2018

Native React Mobile App Development Vs Hybrid Mobile App Development

In the ever-changing world of technology, the demand for short development cycles, quick deployment, and superior performance as essential. However, considering that there are two dominating operations systems businesses have to take a call between faster apps, excellent UI experience, and multi-platform apps. This leads one to the am important question of whether to opt for a native react mobile app development or hybrid mobile app. Businesses need to weigh their options based on their needs to zero on the right option. This article discusses the differences between native react and hybrid mobile app development.

Advantages of Native Apps

One of the biggest advantages of native react app development is performance. It is all about creating a responsive and fast app as it is tailor-made for a particular platform. This, in turn, boosts performance and acceptability across app stores. Apart from that, these apps are intuitive, interactive, and are much smoother than their hybrid counterparts. However, the biggest advantage is that these apps can function always without having to rely on Internet connectivity.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

As the name suggests, hybrid mobile apps are websites that are embedded in a mobile app. These apps are developed using Javascript, CSS, and HTML 5 regardless of the platform that it is run on. Essentially, hybrid apps are a combination of web and native apps, the best of both worlds. This means that they behave like native apps but run across platforms.

Advantage of Hybrid Apps

A major advantage of hybrid apps is that it is based on web technology and it is much cheaper to develop than native apps. Also, a browser is not required to run the app, which is another major plus point. Since these apps have access to storage, camera, and files the time taken for actions is less. Additionally, when compared to native apps these apps are faster because of the code base.

Selecting betweenthe Two

Now that you know more about the two app types and advantages it’s time to select between the two. It is essential to identify what matters the essential function of the app. For instance, if an app needs that can handle a lot of data, it would be best to develop a native app at the cost of user experience since the functionality of the app is of foremost importance. Other factors that one needs to keep in mind include budget, project delivery timeline, and quality of user experience.

Both hybrid and native react mobile app development have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, weigh the pros and cons before deciding on how to build the app is the right approach since there are so many aspects that need to be considered. Talk to experts about what they feel will be the right approach to move forward.


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