Principles to Follow to Design an App like Uber

09 December, 2020

Principles to Follow to Design an App like Uber

Want to take a taxi? The common term used by people around the world is- ‘book an uber’, hence proves the popularity of the riding app among the public despite several similar apps available on the app stores. It is the trust and brand image that Uber has built over the years that makes it different from other apps. App designers can, therefore, consider Uber as a perfect reference for designing similar apps or for app development in general. Mentioned below are few principles followed by Uber and can be used by other app designers in the USA as well.

  1. The main difference that Uber has compared to its competitors is its feature focused interface that gives equal importance to both customers and service providers. Uber like app’s designers in USA who want to make it big in the industry should make it a point that the app should not always focus on the customers and understand the fact that the customers of an app will only be satisfied with its performance if the services providers too are given acceptance in the process of promoting the brand.
  2. Providing uniform experience to the users throughout is important for an app like Uber to stay relevant. This can be accomplished through app localization. This enhances the UX of the app, attracting more and more users. Through app localization, the app is made available to a user in his/her local language, which in turn makes the onboarding process and using the app easier. A user should be ensured high-quality user experience irrespective of the geographical background. This factor when given priority even while app globalization, helps it to get more users from around the globe.
  3. Customer engagement is mandatory for any app to be a successful one. Uber is known to have different and effective customer engagement plans that not only make the journey with uber interesting for every customer but also keeps them seamlessly engaged with the app. This is a helpful tip that app designers creating similar apps can use. Once customers feel that they are in a place where they have to think a bit or explore a bit to submit their feedback or to raise a query, they will automatically do the same in order to accomplish their task. These methods ensure customer engagement and retention for a prolonged period.
It is not possible to design something that is exactly the same as the Uber app. However, app designers can always try creating something similar not by just incorporating the same features as Uber but also by including these aspects. 

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