Pros & Cons App Builders in NYC Should Know about Car Detailing App

16 March, 2021

Pros & Cons App Builders in NYC Should Know about Car Detailing App

Car detailing service has been a booming industry for the past few years especially because of the rise in the number of cars and people having little time to invest on maintaining their vehicles. Most of the service providers of NYC have also invested in creating a car detailing app that will help them to always be in the proximity of the customer. By incorporating interesting packages and various features that the customers like, the service providers are being able to provide their services out of the town as well, thereby increasing the reach of their business, developing their customer base and building the brand value. On the other hand, the customers can also avail various car detailing services as and when required, irrespective of their busy schedule or unavailability. However, the app builders should be well versed with the pros and cons of creating a car detailing app and whether it is an on-demand app or one that functions from a fixed location. The features and functioning change accordingly.

Pros and cons of a car detailing app that works from a fixed location

The main constraint being the reach of the service provider, this kind of app should be built with promising features that persuade the customer to opt for the service from the same location and not opt for other on-demand service providers for whom time and distance is not an issue. Pros of Operating from a particular location is that the service provider can at a time provide their services to as many cars as the space permits. Location can also be used as an effective platform to attract the customers living nearby to avail the services, promote and advertise the packages and services being provided. The service providers also get maximum visibility, which in long run will prove beneficial for the business. However, there are certain disadvantages also. Operating this time of a business from a fixed location will require the customers to pay a visit to the service provider’s office rather than booking a slot. This can create a problem to those customers who are always busy or do not like to invest time in bringing their vehicle to a service station. Moreover, it will also be a big task to maintain the infrastructure that itself requires timely maintenance. The tariff can also not be changed according to the distance an executive travels for providing a service because one will always have to rely on the customers to walk in while spending on the operational costs without fail.

Pros and cons of an on-demand car detailing app

The most appealing factor on this kind of app is that there is no restriction of being in a fixed location. The reach of the business can be any place and the service provider can provide different car detailing services anywhere and anytime. This not only allows the service provider to charge extra for in-home services but also marginally decreases the operational costs, which is in turn beneficial for the business.  By providing good and quality work one can create a brand name in the market, increasing the customer base. Availability of a secured payment gateway persuades the customer to book for the services even when he/she is not at home. Live tracking facility makes it easy for them to ensure if the services are worth paying for. However, there are many cons of an on-demand app, especially when there are multiple appointments. As the business grows, the set-up which comprises vehicles and staff should be ample so that multiple orders can be taken and completed properly without delay and compromising on the quality. These are few basic guidelines that can help app builders of NYC who are venturing into developing car detailing apps. These can change according to the requirements of the customers and the target customers.

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