ReactJS - Highly Favored in 2018

09 April, 2018

ReactJS - Highly Favored in 2018

The most exciting prospect in 2018 for businesses is that the many possibilities that ReactJS development opens up. ReactJS has become the most preferred mean to build a user interface. Since it is essentially a Java Script library and open source it has taken the development of web applications to the next step in terms of how UIs are created. This framework is designed so that big applications can be built and scalded successfully over time. Apart from being efficient, focused on user interface, and boosts SEO there are a number of reasons that make a ReactJS development company highly favored in 2018.

What is ReactJS Development?

ReactJS essentially a JavaScript library that helps create a user interface that has been used by Facebook and Instagram. The vision behind creating React was to create the ‘view’ in the user interface. The main problem that React was developed to tackle is large applications with a lot of data. In order to reduce the bulk of the code, reusable, and interactive parts are used. It is an excellent framework to create single page applications and uses high speed Document Object Model that makes the syntax easy to use, edit, and read. This makes the framework more accessible and helps ReactJS developers maintain or enhance websites. The reason that can be attributed to the immense popularity of ReactJS is that the rendering speed of the DOM is very high. A virtual DOM is used in ReactJS to make the entire process easier. Also, it serves to be a popular choice among some of the most popular websites or apps that include Netflix, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Some of the reasons why a ReactJS development company has become the need of the day for businesses and why businesses should hire ReactJS developers and ReactJS company include the following reasons: • Reusable components • Clean abstraction • Easy to check and change • Renders faster • Boosts SEO • Reflux and redux • Great for development Each of these points has been discussed in the following sections.

Reusable Components

The highlight of ReactJS development is the structure of the framework. ReactJS developers have many components to select and choose from and develop wrappers that are smaller in size. All the components can be put together till it forms a root component for the app. Each component has a predefined function and decides on how it must be rendered. As a result, the ReactJS company will be able to come up with an app where the look and feel is consistent, the code is reusable and easy to maintain, and it is easy to develop as well. The reusable code makes the code concise.

Easy to Check and Change

Another reason that can be attributed to the growing popularity of a ReactJS development company and ReactJS developers is that the code is easy to check and change. ReactJS is not a complete framework but it is an open source JavaScript library that aims to concentrate on one thing and tries to achieve tasks efficiently. ReactJS developers can work their way around the code using reusable codes that change the code and update when necessary. Otherwise, it takes ReactJS developers a lot of time to read, understand, and then alter the code as per the requirements.

Renders Faster

The foremost aim of any web application needs to monitor user interaction, aiming for high interaction, and to view updates. ReactJS developers while building web applications can comprehend JavaScript complications fast enough. As a result, these complications that include DOM manipulation and complex application are not always fast enough. Also, web performances are dependent on updating DOM that has bottleneck options. ReactJS solves these problems by using DOM memory and monitors the view changes. It also calculates the best way the minimum updates required. Moreover, the updates in DOM ensure that the minimum write or read time and is the reason behind the high performance of ReactJS development.

Boosts SEO

SEO is often a deal breaker or deal maker when it comes to businesses selecting a ReactJS development company. Since SEO determines the visibility of a website or app on the Internet or App Store it is all the more reason to hire expert ReactJS developers who can use this framework and make it SEO friendly. Seasoned developers can tackle this problem with JS as it can it helps them solve the problem of compatibility with different search engines.

Reflux and Redux

Flux architecture that supports web applications that was introduced by Facebook provides ReactJS developers the opportunity to provide data flow in a single direction. A ReactJS development company will ensure that actions are created that update stores and these changes reflect in view. Also, data duplication is avoided making the code more crisp and saves time for the model to sync with the app at all times, making it more efficient. However, Flux is not always ready to use during execution and as a result Redux architecture is used in such cases. Therefore, in a single store a number of good decisions can be made stemming from a single source of truth.

Great Development Tool

Without a doubt ReactJS development is an excellent tool that ReactJS developers and a great ReactJS development company can use to create seamless and excellent web applications with. Having said that this tool enables developers to use reactive components as well as their hierarchies as well as observe the present state of the prop or component. Both Redux and React tools can prove to be beneficial to businesses to receive excellent web applications and installing a Chrome extension would do the trick. In a nutshell, a ReactJS development company is the way to go when it comes to building web applications in 2018. ReactJS is the favored development tool preferred by ReactJS developers and a ReactJS company since this is the latest trend that is not just effective, effective, transparent, and high-impact. There are so many benefits in terms transparency clarity, and high performance that sets apart this framework from others. ReactJS definitely gives a unique spin to the saying “less is more,” which is what this framework stands for.

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